Disney Wish Verandah Room

If you are now a member of the Disney Vacation Club, you will surely want to book a vacation at a Disney resort very soon. The booking process is not complicated and is possible both online via your account on the Disney Vacation Club website and by phone. However, it does have a few pitfalls.

The booking process for Disney Vacation Club resorts

Once your 11- or 7-month time slot is reached, you can begin your booking. If you only want to stay for a week or less, you can book your stay in full directly. Either online or by phone.

Book longer stays

However, if you want to stay longer than 6 nights, you can’t book them all at once. The reason for this is that Disney wants to give all members an equally fair chance at booking, and not give preference to members who stay extra long and can secure booking for large periods of time before shorter booking members can even begin booking.

Longer bookings explained with an example

Here’s an example to illustrate booking longer stays through Disney Vacation Club. If you wanted to travel to your Home Resort on September 1, 2020, you could book it starting October 1, 2019. If you wanted to stay 21 nights and could book right up until the 22nd, members with long stays could snatch all the rooms away from other members who only want to stay for a short time (or only have enough points for short stays) from, say, the 15th to the 22nd and thus can’t even start booking until 14 days after you, before they even have a chance to book. That’s why you can only book six nights at the beginning, and then you can book one more night every other day starting six days after the start of your booking window. In practice, this hardly affects your booking options at your home resort and you don’t necessarily have to extend your booking by another day every day to be sure of your room or apartment. Usually it is enough to add a few days to the existing booking every few days or to book the complete days only when the time window is so far advanced that you can also book up to the last desired day. Especially in the low season you can usually book complete stays 8 or 9 months before arrival at your home resort. You really have to pay attention when your desired arrival is only 7 months away and also members who have other home resorts can book your home resort. Only in very busy times or with particularly sought-after room types or hotels should you really use the method of daily rebooking to be on the safe side. Of course, this also applies if you want to book outside of your Home Resort and therefore cannot book until 7 months before arrival.

The Home Resort and the other resorts

As already mentioned several times, the booking in your home resort differs from the booking in other resorts mainly in the fact that you can book in your home resort from 11 months before arrival, but in other resorts only from 7 months before arrival. You should take this factor into consideration when purchasing your membership if you plan to vacation frequently at a particular hotel. If you primarily want to stay at Saratoga Springs or Old Key West, but find a great resale offer for another resort that just fits well into your planning, you can buy that and still have a great chance of booking at the two resorts mentioned (with one exception at Old Key West, see below), based on their size alone. However, if you prefer to stay at a very highly booked resort with perhaps even smaller capacities of Disney Vacation Club apartments and/or book primarily in high season, then you should definitely keep that in mind when choosing your home resort.

Highly searched resorts and villa categories
  • Animal Kingdom Villas – in general, but especially Value Studios
  • Boardwalk Villas – in general, but especially 3-Bedroom Grand Villas and Standard View Studios
  • Bay Lake Tower – in general
  • Beach Club – in general
  • Wilderness Lodge – smaller units like Studios & 1-Bedroom Villas
  • Villas at the Grand Floridian – studios
  • Old Key West – only 3-Bedroom Grand Villas near the main house
Busy times and the best time to book

If you want to arrive during the Christmas season between 12/20 and 1/4, Thanksgiving week, or Marathon weekends, you really need to book right at the start of the 11-month window and also extend daily if you want to stay longer than six nights, otherwise it may not work out. You should also book as close to the start of the 11-month window as possible during American school vacations and around American holidays – but even during these times, you may well have a chance at a resort other than the Home Resort.

Other Vacations through the Vacation Club

In addition to the actual Disney Vacation Club resorts, you can also book other Disney hotels, Disney Cruise Line cruises, Adventures by Disney, and hotels from some Disney partners through Vacation Club.

Other Disney Resorts and Cruises

As noted above, this only applies in full to members who purchased directly from Disney or through resale agencies prior to March 2011. Members who purchased on resale after March 2011 will no longer be able to book other Disney hotels, cruises, Adventures by Disney, or hotels in the (small and very luxurious) Concierge Collection. But as mentioned earlier, it’s not particularly useful to book these things through Vacation Club points – we’ve listed some examples earlier in this article.

Vacations through other timeshare programs

Still bookable for resale members, on the other hand, are about 3600 timeshare resorts worldwide of the Resort Condominiums International (RCI) Time Share Exchange Network through which timeshare providers worldwide make their resorts available to members of other providers, as well as the resorts of Club Cordial and Club Intrawest. But here, too, you should be very careful to determine whether it makes sense in any way to book through the valuable DVC points. Booking the various offers away from the Disney Vacation Club resorts can also be done by phone or through the Disney Vacation Club website.

Disney Dining Plan at DVC Vacations.

If you booked your stay through Vacation Club, you can also add a Disney Dining Plan. But again, you should do some good math to see if it’s worth it. In general, a purchased Dining Plan that is not included in a special offer is only worthwhile if you use it to the fullest. This is even more true if you are a Disney Vacation Club member and either get the corresponding discounts you get when you buy directly from Disney or have a Tables in Wonderland card.

Room Requests as a DVC Member

When you book a room at a Disney hotel as a regular guest, you can indicate your room requests at online check-in starting 60 days before arrival – Disney will try to accommodate them, but does not guarantee them. However, you can usually only specify them very roughly based on a few criteria. As a DVC member, you can call, email member services, or chat on the Disney Vacation Club website with much more specific requests, and often they will honor them if at all possible.

All ships, itineraries and prices.

    • 5 nights Grand Cayman, Bahamas
    • Miami, Florida – Miami, Florida
    • 10.12.2022 – 15.12.2022
    • 7 nights Tortola, St. Thomas, Bahamas
    • Port Canaveral, Florida – Port Canaveral, Florida
    • 10.12.2022 – 17.12.2022
    • 4 nights short cruise
    • San Diego, California – San Diego, California
    • 11.12.2022 – 15.12.2022
    • 4 nights short cruise
    • Port Canaveral, Florida – Port Canaveral, Florida
    • 12.12.2022 – 16.12.2022
    • 5 Nights Mexico
    • Galveston, Texas – Galveston, Texas
    • 13.12.2022 – 18.12.2022
    • 3 nights short cruise
    • San Diego, California – San Diego, California
    • 15.12.2022 – 18.12.2022
    • 4 Nights Short Cruise
    • Miami, Florida – Miami, Florida
    • 15.12.2022 – 19.12.2022
    • 3 nights short cruise
    • Port Canaveral, Florida – Port Canaveral, Florida
    • 16.12.2022 – 19.12.2022
    • 7 nights Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamaica
    • Port Canaveral, Florida – Port Canaveral, Florida
    • 17.12.2022 – 24.12.2022
    • 5 nights Maastricht, California
    • San Diego, California – San Diego, California
    • 18.12.2022 – 23.12.2022

* The discount refers to the (former) catalog price of the organizer.

On cruise with Mickey Mouse and his friends

The shipping company: A fleet with a very special look

Cruises like painted

When Walt Disney put Mickey the little cartoon mouse on a ship in 1928 in his first adventure set to music, Steamboat Willie, hardly anyone could have imagined that some 80 years later four cruise ships would be sailing the world’s oceans under the flag with the two big ears. In the mid-1990s, however, the foundation stone was actually laid, or rather this happened with the first luxury liner, the Disney Magic, so that the Disney Cruise Line was soon able to pick up speed. With the maiden voyage of the Disney Magic, the motto from 1998 onwards was “Ein Schiff streicht durch die Wellen” (“A ship sweeps through the waves”), in memory of the German title of the Mickey classic Steamboat Willie. This was reportedly made on a budget of around $5,000 and is just seven minutes and 42 seconds long. Certainly, the new Disney Magic, built at the renowned Fincantieri shipyard, cost a bit more, but the ship, with its 83,000 GT, is also somewhat more extensive than a film reel, and a cruise on the 294-meter-long giant also lasts considerably longer than the film, fortunately for all passengers. However, you’ll meet Mickey Mouse and his friends on all Disney cruises – it’s still like 1928 on Puss Carlo’s steamboat.

The Disney fleet: cruises on the Disney Wish starting in 2022

The shipping company welcomes its guests on currently four ships (from 2022 then five ships) with the truly enchanting names Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Disney Cruise Line has ordered a total of three newbuilds from the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg. In 2022, the first strike of the Triton clase, the ship Disney Wish, is to join the fleet. It will be the first cruise ship in the U.S. Disney fleet to be powered by environmentally friendly liquefied natural gas. The two other Triton-class additions are scheduled for delivery in 2024 and 2025. Highlights on the Disney Wish: restaurants, entertainment and children’s areas An absolute first on the Disney Wish? For the first time in the shipping company’s fleet history, Minnie Mouse will take the helm as captain. Not only will she wear the appropriate outfit, but her flash will also decorate the ship’s bow. Completely immersed in dream worlds: Fans can look forward to designs and attractions from popular classics The Ice Queen/Frozen, Star Wars and Avengers, among others. Dining is at the heart of every cruise. Disney is once again taking this experience to a whole new level. Storytelling meets innovative cuisine: At the Arendelle – A Frozen Dining Adventure restaurant, guests of Queen Anne and her fiancé Kristoff’s engagement party are immersed in the popular Frozen cosmos. Other restaurant highlights: Comic book fans are beastly excited about Worlds of Marvel, and the “1923” is reminiscent of Hollywood’s glamorous days in the early 20th century. Disney is notorious for its world-famous shows and musicals. The ships of the shipping company are in no way inferior to this. As on the other cruise liners, the whole family comes together in the large Walt Disney Theatre to be enchanted. Among other things, Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular will take the stage. At Luna, which is visually modeled on a fairy tale village, all signs point to family entertainment. For more action, head to the Hero Zone on Deck 12, which houses a sports court, arcade and movie theater. Then, aboard the Disney Wish, there are two movie theaters, by the way (Wonderland Cinema and Never Land Cinema, which shows the latest box office hits but also past classics. The children’s areas on board the Disney Wish leave nothing to be desired. The great fun already starts in the grand entrance foyer Grand Hall: Via a secret slide, kids whiz directly into the Kids Club and towards the fun – this is so far unique in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. Whether it’s Marvel Super Hero Academy or Fairytell Hall, the little cruisers can experience exciting adventures in the various themed areas. Of course, Disney has also thought about the recreation of adults when designing its new ship. Exclusive adult areas provide quiet hours for the big Disney fans. The Quiet Cove retreat, complete with bar and cozy Cove Café, can be found on outer decks 13 and 14. And in the Senses Spa, the indulgent wellness lover will find everything it takes to immensely enhance the well-being of soul and body. How do you live on the Disney Wish cruise ship? Whether Arielle, Cinderella or Rapunzel: Disney Cruise Line relies on the proven storytelling of its cartoon and film classics for its cabins and suites. In addition, the bright interior design, tasteful furnishings and modern bathrooms are captivating features throughout the ship.

Good to know: Info and facts about the Disney ships

As we all know, all cruise ships are a real eye-catcher. However, the Disney Cruise Line cruisers bring a very special look to the surface of the water: the appearance of the four ocean giants is more reminiscent of traditional cruise ships from the 1920s and 1930s than of today’s common bright white giants. The color scheme is largely responsible for this: from bow to stern, a classic black adorns the hull of the ships, which just above the waterline abruptly changes to an equally classic red, which is particularly common for luxury liners. At the upper edge – and now comes the challenge for European taste buds – the hull shows golden-yellow decorations. But ultimately, this color combination not only looks chic, it also represents the colors of the Disney Company at the same time. Responsible for the impeccable paint job are certainly the employees of the two shipyards commissioned by Disney. Fincantieri – Cantieri Navali Italiani S.p.A from Italy built not only the Disney Magic but also its sister Disney Wonder. The Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg constructed the much larger fleet members Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, at almost 130,000 GT. You don’t have to explain this to your children, though; you can simply show them the stern of the respective Disney ship. A sculpture of each Disney character hangs here, with the name of the ship painted boldly on the stern. For example, the four-meter-tall, paintbrushing Goofy is a popular photo motif at the stern of the Disney Magic. Behind the Disney Wonder, one of Donald Duck’s nephews is playing an illustrious prank on his uncle while he is simply trying to finish his painting job. In an equally exciting manner, the wizard Mickey rides at the stern of the Disney Dream and Dumbo, who could actually fly, at the stern of the Disney Fantasy. The fact that an elephant has been attached to the ship since 2012 does not throw the Disney Fantasy off balance, however. With exactly 129,750 GT and a length of 339.8 meters, it is still the largest of the four ships of the Disney Cruise Line, although it is closely followed by the Disney Dream. Until 2013, the two were even the largest cruise ships built in Germany up to that time. At around 83,000 GT, the two older sisters Disney Magic and Disney Wonder are significantly smaller than the two giants of the fleet, but there’s a good reason for that: because the dimensions adhere to the Panamax Index, it’s possible for the two ships to cruise through the Panama Canal between Port Canaveral in Florida, Disney’s home port, and California. There’s guaranteed to be plenty to see. The ships are always an eye-catcher. The three new ships will be a bit larger and will complement the Triton class. However, details are not yet known.

Ship horns play well-known Disney melodies

Everyone can imagine the facial expression between excitement and amazement of a child who has just heard a ship’s horn. The soundscape with which the giants sound the ports of this world is very impressive. It astonishes children and adults alike. In addition to the classic horn, which definitely enjoys cult status both on the water and on land, the ship’s horns play parts of Disney soundtracks. As a rule, all guests and ports enjoy the first seven notes of When You Whish Upon A Star from Pinocchio. The Disney Dream’s horn, for example, can also play tunes familiar from Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Disney theme park attractions.

Lonely island as the secret home port of the Disney ships

Granted: Disney’s liners officially sail under the Bahamas flag and also have Nassau as their home port, in addition to ports such as Port Canaveral in Florida as the shipping company’s headquarters. However, Disney would not be the ruler of Disneyland and other theme parks if something fantastic were not also possible in the kingdom of cruises. With Castaway Cay, Disney offers its passengers something very special in the world of cruise tourism: their own island! This belongs to the Bahamas and was acquired by Disney Cruise Line to serve as an exclusive port of call for the line’s current and future ships. Castaway Cay is the destination of most Caribbean cruises with Disney Cruise Line. The small patch of paradise measures just four square kilometers. Only a small part of it is built on, but with all the more attention to detail in an exciting shipwreck look. Guests can relax here among palm trees and enjoy wellness services in the sea air with a view of the ocean. As on the ships, the whole family is catered for here. There are numerous sports and water sports activities with a tropical focus. Do you feel like snorkeling and discovering the colorful underwater world? Of course, you can also discover the most beautiful spots of the island by yourself. And if you are reluctant to roam through the undergrowth like a movie, you can simply take the streetcar. Of course, there is one thing that makes such an island special: the numerous beaches that connect the sea with the island and look like on postcards. In addition to selected souvenirs, these can also be purchased on the island and conveniently handed in at the local post office. There you will also find the appropriate, very exclusive postmark. Thanks to the on-board credit, the financial aspect is no obstacle on Castaway Cay. You simply can’t, or rather don’t want to, make more out of a maritime vacation.


Of course, Castaway Cay is a great highlight and the centerpiece of any Disney cruise to the Caribbean. You won’t find the tropical dream more real on a cruise than here. But the ships are also on an adventure course in other areas. Those who can do without Jamaica and Co. and would like to bypass the pirates are welcome to venture on an Atlantic sea voyage and be taken back to Europe on the almost two-week transatlantic passage. Here, for example, Norway will delight you with its magnificent fjords south of the North Cape. Disney ships regularly sail the North Sea all the way up to Iceland. Cruises in the Baltic Sea are also on the program: You start with the Disney Magic from Copenhagen and tour towards Estonia (Tallinn), Russia (St. Petersburg), Finland (Helsinki) and Sweden (Stockholm) before you end your trip in Copenhagen. For those who like it warmer, cruising in the Western Mediterranean starting from Barcelona, you will sail to Cannes in France and Naples in Italy. On the Eastern Mediterranean cruise from Civitaveccia/Rome in Italy, the Greek islands and Piraeus/Athens await you! Also popular: sail with the Disney ships to the postcard beaches in Mexico and around Hawaii. If you have plenty of time, flank the USA and travel to the West Coast via the Panama Canal. For Canada and Alaska are potential destinations for adventurous sailors, but also for relaxation lovers.

Disney Cruise Line cabins and suites: great variety in accommodations

Plenty of room for the whole family and more

Disney Cruise Line focuses its efforts on family cruising for young and old. Of course, singles and young people also experience plenty of fun on the fleet. However, the cruise line mainly focuses on family cruises with children. The fact that Disney Cruise Line positions itself as a provider of cruises for families is not only noticeable through the fancy presentation of the ships and the grateful Disney theme, which kids in particular love, but also extends to the hardscapes of the ships. You’ll find various cabin categories on the Disney ships with large verandas or extra space in the cabin, but Disney Cruise Line stands out above all for its especially family-friendly extras that make a cruise with the offspring a special experience. These little things may not be worth mentioning for some, but for families they are great cinema. The cruise line itself titles this the “Disney Difference.” This difference includes more space in the cabin than is usual on cruises and lots of storage space. So you can confidently take along a change of trousers for the kids – or even for your spouse. The cruise line also plays a pioneering role when it comes to bathroom arrangements. With a clever and generous layout, these offer the possibility for two people to devote themselves to hygiene at the same time. Advantages such as two washbasins make the ancillary aspects of traveling here definitely more pleasant than elsewhere. For particularly large travel groups or families, it is easily possible to have cabins next to each other or to book cabins with a possible passageway. Despite this practical approach, the familiar cruise luxury is a must! No one has to miss out on folded towel sculptures – certainly not at Disney, where Scrooge folds Donald every day.

Categories: Disney Magic & Disney Wonder

The two Disney Cruise Line ships, each built in the same shipyard, also share the same cabin categories. On the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder, passengers can choose between seven different categories for accommodation that is just right for them. Everyone should be able to find something to suit their needs, especially since even the least expensive option, the Standard Inside cabin, is quite impressive. On scarcely 18 square meters three to four persons find place, who may spend their nights on board on different, on the situation adapted sleep furniture, which are referred with cloth from 100 per cent Egyptian cotton. In addition to the extra storage space and the expected furnishings such as a chair, table and couch, there is also a TV, a small refrigerator, a hairdryer, a telephone with answering machine and a safe. Moreover, not only the destinations provide the perfect climate, but also an adjustable air conditioner in the cabin. For your own hygiene, numerous beauty products are available in your own room. If you need a little more space, you can book the slightly more spacious inside cabin variant with similar amenities. The Deluxe Inside cabins extend to just under 20 square meters and offer the same advantages as the smaller variant. A larger bathroom with shower and bathtub makes traveling more comfortable for three to four people. A great special for families shows both categories: The sleeping area can be separated from the seating area by a curtain. So you can snore to your heart’s content and chat on the other side of the curtain. This is just as possible in the Deluxe Oceanview cabins, which are similar in size to the Deluxe Inside cabins. In addition to the privacy curtain, there is another curtain that you probably won’t draw: Because as the name suggests, there is a window in the Deluxe Oceanview cabins from which you can look out day and night toward the horizon or watch the waves. A curtain would only get in the way. With an illustrious nautical charm, the Deluxe Oceanview cabins with their Navigator’s Veranda invite you onto a good 25 square meters of open space. Three people can spend their vacation here and have their morning coffee and cocoa on a cozy little terrace, which connects them directly to the sea through a large lookout. A somewhat larger balcony with more space and view is offered by the Deluxe Oceanview cabins with veranda. Here, three to four guests can expect a proper terrace and vintage Disney motifs on the walls. Those traveling with more children and luggage can enjoy the same luxury on a good 28 square meters and spend the night with up to five people in the Deluxe Family Oceanview Staterooms with Veranda after check-in. Travelers can expect royal luxury from the suites on board the Disney ships. The Royal Suite completely accommodates a seven-person entourage and is spread over – watch out! – 95 square meters. Having so much space on a ship is truly royal. It’s enough to make you feel like a Disney princess. Residents of the Royal Suite benefit from extensive service that goes beyond the upscale standard. From the exclusive pillow selection from the Pillow Talk program to a lavish selection of movies to the fulfillment of very personal extra wishes, everything is included. The latter is taken care of by a team that looks after special guests. And not only on board: You can communicate your preferences and wishes partly already up to 125 days before the actual journey. Then it’s just a matter of preferential check-in, and you can enjoy your private luxury, such as dining in your suite, without having to talk about it on board. A similarly royal service is also offered by the 1-room suites for five people with just under 60 square meters and the 2-room suites for seven people with more than 85 square meters.

Categories: Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy

On the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, things are similar cabin-wise to their older sisters in the fleet, at least in terms of categories. Similar to the comparison between Disney’s classic cartoons and the new animated films is the ratio of amenities from the cruise line’s older ships to its younger, larger ones. The less expensive cabin categories don’t take much away from size, but they do have certain new features that make all the difference. Rounding out the nautical look with Disney touches here is not only a 22-inch LCD TV, but also a digital porthole! The Magical Porthole is a circular LCD screen that shows live ocean images – set in a nautical frame. Recordings are made directly from the ship. If you keep a diligent lookout, you can also expect a surprise from the Disney characters in the Magical Porthole from time to time. That’s when inside cabins take on a whole new charm. Docking stations for streaming music and full-length mirrors add the icing on the cake. Literally grandiose is the Royal Suite on the new Disney Cruise Liners. With a size of fabulous 165 square meters, it’s no wonder that there are also easily two 42-inch TVs for unlimited use of the media library. Five people can spread out over two bathrooms here or dine in an extra dining room. Walk-in closets, a bar and lots and lots of space take their travel stories to a whole new level. Indeed, a little kingdom on the water.

Food and drink: gastronomic variety aboard Disney ships

Like in a cartoon

Looking at the buffets and dishes, you’d love to have the ability to eat as much as some cartoon characters. In animated film Steamboat Willie, Mickey feeds an entire bale of hay directly to a scrawny cow so that it will fit into its riser. Of course, a passenger can’t eat that much in one sitting. But on the Disney ships there is something between the teeth around the clock. This way, you can eat as much as you like in peace – and you won’t be pushed by Mickey like the skinny cow. Dining at Disney can be divided into four categories:

Main Dining – Main restaurants with vertigo.

For the most exciting meal of the day, Disney Cruise Line has come up with something very special: You can almost call it experiential dining when Disney invites its passengers, including regular diners, to a different one of the three main restaurants each evening. So you can watch an exclusive show of Disney characters in the Animator’s Palate and dine like a princess or king in the Enchanted Garden (Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy) the very next day. In all, the cruisers of the Disney fleet offer seven different themed restaurants that are unique in their presentation and score with grandiose cuisine.

Adult Exclusive Dining

Enjoying togetherness and simply being among adults for a change and having undisturbed conversations? Disney Cruise Line makes this possible in the Palo restaurant, among others. Located on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder on Deck 10 and on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy on Deck 12, Palo serves the finest Italian cuisine, providing a tasty base for the breathtaking views. And no matter where you happen to be cruising on the Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy: Remy, exclusively for adults, provides Mediterranean flair with its French cuisine and presents a view from Deck 12.

Casual Dining

Casual dining means nothing more than eating casually and in a relaxed manner. In the buffet restaurants like Cabanas, which can be found on the Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy ships, you can take it easy, at least in terms of your outfit. Still, casual doesn’t mean just loose bikini or swim trunks. Please wear more than just swimwear and a bath towel. If the latter becomes self-sufficient during self-service, it will sometimes be difficult to keep control of trays, drinks and food. You can simply leave the slapstick interludes to the Disney characters. In the evening, moreover, Cabanas morphs into the main restaurant.

For in between – Quick Service Dining

For a crunch as a midnight snack, no one wants to sit down in a restaurant and be over-served, and you don’t have to at Disney. There are various stations scattered throughout the ships for the small appetite. From ice cream at Eye Scream and Frozone Treats to hamburgers at Daisy’s De-Lites to pizza at Pinocchio’s Pizzeria, everything is within walking distance. Otherwise, there’s 24h room service – treat yourself, you’re on vacation after all.

Drinks on the Disney ships: included services / wine packages

Disney Cruise Line does not offer classic beverage packages. Many beverages are already included in the cruise fare. Most non-alcoholic beverages are included during meals in the main restaurants, while at the bar and in the lounges for beer, cocktails, coffee specialties, wine and also mineral water and soft drinks must be paid extra. However, you can also quietly thirst pretty much all non-alcoholic refreshments tap yourself: on the Disney Magic is the drink station on deck 9. In addition, the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy also offer a drink station on deck 11. By the way. Non-alcoholic thirst quenchers are also available free of charge in the Teens-Only Lounge. Only smoothies require an additional charge. The only beverage packages you can optionally add are the so-called Wine Packages.

Disney sports offers: How to stay fit!

So that everything fits…

…and your taut biceps don’t suddenly slip under your arm like in many a grueling rivalry situation in the Disney movies, there are opportunities on all Disney Cruise Line ships to push your stomach into your chest and tighten your belt – in short, to exercise.

Quite unagitated, but with a view of the sea

Everyone knows fitness centers, at least from pictures. But no cruiser can get enough of the ocean view. At Disney, you don’t even have to do without it if you want to work on your fitness. What is otherwise only possible for tanned surfers and water sports enthusiasts can be enjoyed by every passenger here – whether tanned or not. The well-equipped fitness centers on the cartoon liners have one thing in common: panoramic windows with the best view your muscles can handle. You may work on these alone or in group classes. You are also welcome to develop your muscles in various classes, such as yoga or Pilates. Nutritional counseling and circuit training would also be possible if you are interested. Athletes also appreciate the running track on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy (Deck 4).

Goofy’s Sports Deck

High up on the thirteenth decks, an open-air sportsman’s paradise can be found on both the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy. Kissed by the sun, you can practice teeing off on the miniature golf course or hone your three-point shot from three meters away in basketball.

Wide World of Sports

The Panama Canal-friendly equivalent of Goofy’s Sports Deck is the Wide World of Sports, which is located at the very top of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder and fits together with the entire ship through the canal between North and South America. Here, too, on deck 10, all age groups can show what they’ve got or what they still want to get up to. Here you can hone your ping-pong spin and the reverse spin that the basketball needs to bounce off the board and into the net. And if you just want to watch, that’s not so unsporting: watching the ball is supposed to strengthen the neck in some sports.

Pixar-style sports – completely virtual

In addition to the many sports activities available on the decks of Disney ships, travelers can work out with the best of sports and games consoles. A virtual sports facility is available for this purpose on Goofy’s Sports Deck. Here, visitors can perform swings and throws in real life and then watch the virtual results on the screen. Something like this is really only available in professional sports.

Spa and wellness on Disney Cruise: beneficial treatments for body and soul, skin and whiskers

Relax and unwind

When you go on vacation, you usually have one thing in mind: rest, relaxation, and more relaxation! Of course, the ships of the Disney fleet are designed for your regeneration and offer everything you need for a relaxing vacation. Vacations for body and soul are offered by the spacious spa and wellness areas on the respective decks of the ships. The Disney Wonder houses the Vista Spa & Salon on deck 9, while the other three invite you to the Senses Spa & Salon. Here, treatments reminiscent of the Arabian Nights meet thoroughly modern relaxation measures or those that have come back into fashion. For the man with a beard, there is even a barber available who can bring both the male head hair and the beard hair into shape. Children and teenagers are even allowed to relax away from their parents in their own chill spa.

Childcare: cuddle up with your favorite characters

Kid’s Club: animation programs for different age groups

Disney ship cruises are designed so that kids can have fun all day, every day. This is not only worthwhile for the little ones, but also takes the pressure off parents. Disney Cruise Line’s Youth Clubs offer plenty to explore and interactive programs for all ages. The main focus here, as with the food, is on the loving decor. Would you like an overview of the five different children’s and youth clubs? In the it’s a small world nursery, for example, babies and the very youngest under the age of three find professional care in a soothing atmosphere. This service requires prior registration and is not included in the price. Disney’s Oceaneer Lab and Disney’s Oceaneer Club are where cruisers three to twelve years old get together. Teenagers keep to themselves in the Edge (11 to 14 years) and the Vibe (14 to 17 years). What’s on offer for the kids and teens? Oh, the list is long! Game arcades, dress-up options, beauty salons for princesses, kid-friendly shows, dance parties, karaoke, gambling on various consoles and, above all, activities to get involved in can be found in impressive numbers on all ships. Important notice: The minimum travel age for children is six months. For a transatlantic crossing or a crossing of the Panama Canal, the minimum age requirement increases to one year.

Character Experiences: only available on Disney Cruise Line!

During all Disney cruises, there are constant opportunities to meet your favorite characters on deck and take one or more snapshots as souvenirs. This can be planned and scheduled to make sure everyone finds their stars, or it can be a surprise appearance when you least expect it. Little princes and princesses like to invite their parents to the Royal Court Royal Tea. At this reception there is not only tea as well as delicious canapés, but also a visit from the Disney princesses and unique singing performances come on top. A moment to take special snapshots with the enchanting as well as singing royal daughters is guaranteed! This is certainly a special experience for young and old. For those who like to see their favorite characters as usual in exciting stories and tales, a show of the characters in the theater, playing the stages with Broadway level.

Ultimate swimming fun thanks to various pools & water slides

Action in the water is the number one priority for many kids when it comes to vacation. No wonder the oceans and beaches of the world are such popular vacation destinations. Disney Cruise Line will take you to them in comfort – and along the way, you and your offspring can take advantage of the insane array of pools and water fun aboard the fleet. For example, you’ll find adults-only pool areas like Quite Cove Pool (all ships) or Satellite Falls (only on the Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy). Nemo’s Reef, found on the Disney Dream & Disney Fantasy, is where kids up to age eight frolic. On the other hand, adrenaline kicks in on the high-speed AquaDunk water slide (Disney Magic), some of which reaches down as far as three decks. And the namesake slide AquaDuck on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy will have you racing across almost the entire upper deck. At the AquaLab water playground (Disney Magic, Disney Wonder and Disney Fantasy), all members of the family have a blast.

Excursion program: Exciting adventures await you!

Whether sightseeing or safari: Thanks to a large selection, there is something for every cruiser.

The unusual and varied activities on the ships of the shipping company are perfectly complemented by the program that you can take advantage of away from the ships on land. Depending on your mood, you can choose between organized excursions through the shipping company or tours offered by local providers. A brief overview of shore excursions: safaris in familiar savannah settings and glacier safaris with barbecues are absolute front-runners among the short trips. From lions to polar bears, there’s plenty to discover, because Disney makes that possible, too. Nature and animal lovers get their money’s worth and can experience the world completely close to nature. The options offered by Disney Cruise Line are more diverse than those of any other cruise line. For example, a behind-the-scenes look at a ballet in St. Petersburg is just as much a part of the program as splashing around in aqua parks or rafting on sweeping rivers. Which fish you catch while deep-sea fishing and which sights end up in the photo album with you in the foreground ultimately depends only on the route you choose. You can find the best deals and offers at kreuzfahrten.de. Whether ship journeys with flight or cruises for solo travelers, whether 5 days or 7 days – on kreuzfahrten.de wait the best cruises, often as bargain at last minute prices or as unique special offer. And who would like, can book also directly on-line. In addition the experienced experts of kreuzfahrten.de advise competently with all questions approximately around the cruise and help also with more failed desires like a supplementing reservation of tickets for the Disneyland Paris or the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando in Florida further.

Entertainment: Disney is fun!

Shows, decor and characters: entertainment in every corner of the ship

On cruises, entertainment offerings are often declared to be live shows and various performances. These offerings are also found in a very special form on the five ships. Shows with Disney characters, film screenings and much more are part of the program. With Disney, however, what stands out is that every single aspect of your cruise provides entertainment value and is part of the show. Whether it’s a little something like the Magic Porthole, a Mickey motif on the lampshade, or the changing event character at dinner: Disney Cruise Line gives you a lot of bang for your buck. The ships’ design and the attention to detail show that value is placed on your entertainment here.

Service info: valuable tips for your cruise with Disney Cruise Line

Onboard language

The on-board language of Disney Cruise Line is English. However, German-speaking staff is not uncommon, because the fleet not only moves in the English-speaking world, but is also on the Mediterranean, for example, and the crew is correspondingly international. So, with a little luck, occasionally the crew members speak German.

Communication and Internet

A wireless connection to the Internet is possible with the help of your own mobile devices. Either pay per megabyte used or book a larger data package: the price chart: $0.25 per MB, $19.00 per 100 MB, $39.00 per 300 MB and $89.00 per 1,000 MB. Onboard itself, we recommend using the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app. With the application you are always informed about everything that happens on board: show times, daily courses and leisure activities, restaurant menus, info around the destination ports. Plus, with the built-in chat feature, you can communicate with family members or your tour group from anywhere on the ship.

Dress code

The sometimes strict dress code on board relaxes right along with you on a Disney cruise. That’s because cruise casual, which is in vogue on board, means you can show up in the main restaurants with everything. But beware: as is the case with other cruise lines, you should not enter the dining room in swimwear. Fancier clothes are also allowed when certain theme evenings or events are on the calendar. And of course, you can dress up for a visit to the Adults Only restaurants. If you don’t feel like it, you can switch to the buffet restaurants or take advantage of the 24-hour room service.


Want to make your dream princess wedding come true? Who better to help out than Disney? Arrangements for wedding ceremonies are available aboard all five ships as well as for tropical weddings on Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. All invited guests, but especially the bride and groom, are catered for by staff specially assigned to the ceremony. If you want to plan your wedding with Disney Cruise Line, you can find more information at kreuzfahrten.de.

Smoking regulations

Good news for lovers of the glow stick culture. Smoking is not permitted on most parts of the ship, including the cabins and associated verandas. Nevertheless, there are some areas on all ships that are designated for smoking. Disney Wish Verandah Room.

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