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Vintage look for men as in the 50s and 60s is quite easy to copy. Even without special stores, you can buy most of the clothes in ordinary fashion stores. Even half a century later you are dressed with it modern and cool. The 50s rebel loves it cool.

What you need:

  • Suit
  • Shirt
  • Tie
  • Slipover
  • T-shirt
  • Leather jacket
  • Skinny jeans
  • Pattern tie
  • Polo shirt
  • Leather coat

Some fashion styles are just exotic after a few years. The dresses of the 50s and 60s are not one of them.

50s – Dresses make rebels

    • Of course, the 50s were still very conservative. If you prefer to wear a suit, you will find plenty of choice in the dress style of this period. The classic suit of the time has wide-cut pants and a straight-cut jacket. Under it belongs a white shirt and a narrow tie.
    • Quite casually, the casual dresses of the 50s you can resort to a loose fabric pants and the familiar wide shirts with the short sleeves. Worn over pants, you’ll survive any summer well in these airy shirts. Or you can show yourself in a slipover over the shirt.
    • Vintage look of the 50s also has another side. Be one of the young rebels of that time. Halbstarke they were called in Germany. To go with it, choose a pair of tight skinny jeans. At that time a real violation of the dress code, it is now available in any jeans store. Of course, you leave out the tie as well, instead simply combine the turned up jeans with a white t-shirt from your closet.
    • At that time quite new in men’s clothing fits best with a black leather jacket as it was worn by motorcyclists. Marlon Brando made this jacket and also the t-shirt really famous.

Men’s legs in skinny jeans? If you have heard that this is a fashion relic from …

60s – dresses are fun

  • Dresses in the 60s should finally be fun again for men too. Hang the suit with the wide pants from the 50s to the back of the closet. You can combine your 60s look in many different ways and the pants for it are finally tighter than they were with the 50s style. Only short must be the pants, so that the shoes can be seen well. High-water pants are simply part of the vintage style of the 60s.
  • Keep it casual and go for white pants instead of blue jeans. Light colored pants were popular back then. You can combine them well with t-shirts that were not as rebellious as in their early days. Or you can put on a polo shirt with them. After all, it doesn’t have to be the nylon that was so popular back then, which is a challenge for any deodorant in the summer.
  • If you like ties, the dresses of the 60s are just right for you. The narrow black tie is out. For your vintage look of the 60s, show your colors. The tie may be wide and not only colorful, but also still with patterns or whole pictures.
  • Colors and patterns are anyway the most important stylistic device when you move clothes of the 60s to the present. This does not only apply to shirts and ties. Pants may also be plaid, houndstooth or jacquard pattern. The main thing is that they sit on the hips, end at the ankles and are not too flared.
  • If you then go out with a lambskin coat or suede coat, you have perfected your dress style of the 60s.

The dress style of the 50s and 60s is really easy to do in a vintage look and it is already quite current again. Read more:

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The 60s were wild, which was also reflected in the clothes. A perfect decade, therefore, for a theme party. We present three outfits that will make you the star of any 60s party. The links marked with a symbol or green underlining are affiliate links. If a purchase is made through these links, we will receive a commission – without additional costs for you! More info.

60s theme party: celebrate in hippie clothes

In this decade, the rule in fashion was: the flashier, the better. While at the beginning of the 60s, strappy skirts, pantsuits and other, more boyish models set the trend, fashion from 1965 onwards provoked with bell-bottoms, leather jackets. Plate skirts and colorful, gaudy blouses. Let’s start with the classic of a 60s theme party: the hippie.

  • When it comes to a hippie costume, more is more.
  • Flared pants are a must. The wider the better.
  • On top, you can wear a colorful blouse – preferably with a floral print or wild pattern. By the way, this also applies to male hippies.
  • Accessories are a leather vest with fringes and a narrow, tight silk scarf that you tie around your head. This will help you to tame your long mane. Tip: If you do not have the latter naturally, you can help with an appropriate wig.
  • For jewelry, you can resort to a peace necklace and / or peace earrings.
  • As shoes you should wear either flat, if possible colorful slippers (preferably with pompons or feathers). In cooler temperatures, calf-high boots also go.

60s Look 2: Rock’n’Roll Chick

Rock’n’roll had its heyday in the 60s. Ladies wore petticoats and flowing circle skirts at this time. This was not only eye-catching, but also perfectly accentuated the female curves.

  • The centerpiece of this costume is a petticoat – the “underskirt” of the so-called circle skirt.
  • Over the petticoat wear a 60s dress with a circle skirt – preferably with dots and in red, black or dark blue.
  • A neckerchief, also dotted and matching the color of the dress, completes the outfit.
  • As shoes you can wear Mary-Janes or peeptoes. In any case, the shoe should have a high heel, otherwise the costume will not work.
  • As a male rock’n’roller, you need tight black jeans with a belt, a white tight T-shirt (with a V-neck if possible), a leather jacket and black leather shoes. And: don’t forget the lard curl or the gelled hairstyle, respectively.

Rock the 60s theme party with the right clothes (Image: Pixabay).

Costume idea number 3: Twiggy

The slender British model Twiggy with the big googly eyes and short light hair became the symbol and role model of the 60s.

  • Her most famous look included slim-fitting and sleeveless mini dresses – preferably with a small stand-up collar and with geometric patterns. Among other things, a large check pattern in black and white would be suitable.
  • It is best to combine it with white boots that go just below the knee, a hip short hairstyle (if you like) and long (false or mascara) eyelashes.

If you want to know more about the hippie movement, you can continue reading here.

Currently much sought

Currently much sought

60S Men Wear.

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