Weber Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking and grilling in the garden? With the right individual outdoor kitchen with built-in grill Barbecuing has long been one of the Germans’ favorite hobbies. Sitting out in the fresh air with friends and family while preparing delicious delicacies in your own outdoor kitchen is like a little piece of vacation in your home garden. With a functional outdoor kitchen the center of attention can simply move outside and the cooking preparation as well as the preparation takes place directly in the fresh air in wonderful weather.

Choosing your new outdoor kitchen

To find the perfect garden kitchen to plan your own ideas, wishes and demands, as well as the space requirements play a major role. The budget of the dream outdoor kitchen is also an important factor in the implementation of the various options. How do I get my own outdoor kitchen?

  • completely self-built: Outdoor kitchen with built-in grill and individual equipment freely choose
  • modular assemble with Grillfürst outdoor kitchen: Modular outdoor kitchen from ready-made HPL kitchen modules erect and individually equip with any grill and accessories
  • modular assemble with concrete kit: Modular outdoor kitchen with barbecue fireplace and kitchen – modules combine
  • modular kitchens modules of the barbecue – brand manufacturers use and outdoor kitchen assemble

So it is important to first clarify whether the outdoor kitchen with a grill fireplace or a built-in grill should be equipped. It is particularly uncomplicated to assemble an outdoor kitchen from modular kitchen elements. All those who do not want to undertake the elaborate planning of a self-built kitchen can reach their goal quickly and easily with a modular construction system. The built-in grill can be individually integrated into an outdoor kitchen

The built-in grill as the heart of the individual outdoor kitchen

Whoever decides to build a completely individual outdoor kitchen has the agony of choice. From small built-in gas grills to high-end built-in grills with two separate hoods, built-in charcoal grills, built-in pizza ovens and ceramic grills that can be integrated, the possibilities are almost endless. The selection of high quality and functional built-in grills is large. If you want to integrate your favorite grill into an outdoor kitchen, the next thing to consider is whether to build the base or kitchen unit yourself, or use a prefabricated kitchen module.

The individual outdoor kitchen with modules

Particularly convenient is the planning of the outdoor kitchen with already prefabricated kitchen modules. Here even a layman comes particularly quickly to a top result. The Grillfürst Outdoor Kitchen Modules are suitable for more than 38 different built-in grills incl. ceramic grills, sinks and side burners. From 4 different kitchen modulesconsisting of grill cabinet, large or small cabinet and a pedestal for ceramic barbecues, the outdoor kitchen can be can be arranged as desired. as desired. By simply adapting and expanding, all other additional built-in components are directly integrated. All variants of an individual garden kitchen offer various advantages and will certainly find their supporters. Of course, it also plays a role whether someone is skilled in craftsmanship or rather not. The do-it-yourselfer will probably find his garden kitchen in a completely individual variant, which often requires some craftsmanship and skill. All others will find their outdoor kitchen with already prefabricated kitchen modules. An outdoor kitchen with barbecue fireplace and kitchen modules with sink and gas stove

The garden fireplace kit with countless extensions as a modular outdoor kitchen

Another possibility of implementing an outdoor kitchen is the combination of various barbecue fireplaces with individual kitchen modules. The massive garden kitchens made of concrete from Palazzetti are made completely by yourself from a kit erected. All the necessary construction materials are conveniently supplied directly. The manufacturer Palazzetti offers beyond that with its modular garden kitchen system a variety of particularly high-quality barbecue fireplaces, which can all be combined with further kitchen modules can be combined. A large grill fireplace with fireplace, a sink, large work surface, an additional gas stove and even a pizza oven are effortlessly integrated into a complete outdoor kitchen. The Palazetti range offers either individual barbecue fireplaces or large complete sets with integrated pizza oven and other equipment, which can then be easily assembled according to the Modular principle with different modules can be expanded.

The complete garden kitchen set with barbecue fireplace

The Palazzetti Grillkamin Gargano offers a complete solution with pizza oven in one module Not always the grill master wants directly a huge outdoor kitchen. For a modular outdoor kitchen with plenty of work space, sink and storage space is also required a large stand is needed. In a smaller garden, this can sometimes be a bit difficult. For this purpose, there are compact solutions with complete grill and oven combinations in different designs. All Palazzetti garden barbecue fireplaces from the modular system can of course also be built as a “stand-alone” version. The large kits include a complete barbecue fireplace, often directly with oven, which can later be expanded with the individual kitchen modules as needed – but does not have to.

What belongs in an outdoor kitchen?

To ensure that the new focal point of life in the garden can also provide barbecue fun for many years to come, a few things need to be carefully considered during the planning stage. When it comes to choosing the right built-in appliance, for example, what counts is not only the desired Equipment also the longevity of the built-in grill and other built-in elements. The outdoor kitchen with built-in grill, sink, side burner, refrigerator, drawers, doors and pizza oven In general, however, here the grill master decides for himself, according to his own wishes, which functions and devices he wants to integrate into his own personal built-in kitchen. Below is a selection of the most popular outdoor kitchen highlights:

  • Built-in gas grill
  • Built-in pizza oven
  • Built-in side cooker
  • Garden refrigerator
  • Sink with faucet and drain
  • Built-in drawer cabinet
  • Built-in cabinet
  • Cooler box, bottle opener, garbage garbage can
  • Kitchen roll holder and cutting board

In addition to a functional and comfortable equipment, but it should not be forgotten that there is also enough Working space should be available.

Tips and suggestions for equipping the outdoor kitchen

If you want to integrate a built-in grill into the outdoor kitchen, you should pay attention to a sufficient size of the grill surface pay attention. If initially only a small gas grill with 3 burners is needed, this can quickly change with growing grilling experience and creative ideas. At least 4 burners for a built-in grill and the option of a rotary spit to be able to retrofit, it should already be. The good thing is that our brand manufacturers have already made provisions for this and almost exclusively have extensively equipped built-in grills in their ranges, so that nothing can go wrong with the selection. Often the built-in grills are already equipped with Backburner and Rotisserie and additionally come directly with a separate Built-in side burner such as built-in grills of the Imperial series from Broil King. The side burner is ideal for preparing sauces, side dishes or using pots and pans. To eliminate the need to go to the kitchen in the living room altogether, a Sink in the outdoor kitchen is definitely a worthwhile purchase. Whether it’s for prep work, for quickly cleaning grilling accessories and dishes, or simply for cleaning your hands, the sink in the outdoor kitchen offers convenient options. The choice of other built-in elements and extensions of the garden kitchen also offers special Built-in refrigerators. Drinks and food can thus be stored cooled in close proximity. Kitchen aids such as drawers, bottle openers, trash cans, coolers and even integratable cutting boards provide maximum convenience. So there is definitely no shortage of functional hard goods for the outdoor kitchen, so that almost every wish can be fulfilled here.

Which material to use for the outdoor kitchen?

The outdoor kitchen from a custom base made of HPL panels Especially important when planning an individual outdoor kitchen are the properties of the material used. It should be heat-resistant, waterproof and insensitive to cold. Easy cleaning and maintenance saves unnecessary time for cleaning and prevents unsightly stains. When integrating built-in grills must always ensure that it is fireproof material is involved. Since the underside, as well as the side components and the back of the built-in grill, also become hot during use, only non-combustible material should be used. The base itself is often made of natural stones bricked or with concrete slabs erected. But constructions of stainless steel and other metal plates are also possible without any problems. Especially well suited are countertops made of Graniteas they are also used in the interior kitchen area. The appearance is not only particularly high quality, but the material itself is very durable. Light and easy to assemble is the construction with special HPL panels. They are particularly weatherproof, heat-resistant, impact-resistant and scratch-resistant and are manufactured in many different beautiful decors. They are already used in many design kitchens and in the implementation of individual solutions as well as in our Grillfürst outdoor kitchen modules. With all possibilities, there are no limits for the grill master in planning and equipping his dream kitchen! Weber Modular Outdoor Kitchen.

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