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Breed characteristics and appearance

What does a Chinese Crested Dog look like?

The Chinese Crested Dog is a small, happy companion dog. His body shape reminds a little of a deer or dwarf pinscher. Distinctive and unique is its coat, more precisely its extensive hairlessness – in the hairless variety. The dog should have a long, flowing mop of hair. The official standard describes him thus:

The Chinese Crested Dog is a small, lively and graceful dog, bone medium to light. Body level, either hairless, with hair growth on the paws, head and tail, or lightly sheathed with a soft veil of hair. There are two distinctly different types: the racy and fine-boned (Deer type), and the stocky, which has a stronger body and bone structure (Cobby type).

From its tufted hair growth at the head comes also his German name “Schopfhund”. Any color or combination of colors is acceptable. Although mainly used as naked dog the Chinese Crested Dog exists in two equal varieties as Hairless and as Powder Puff. Powder Puff refers to a loose coat. In it, the coat consists of the undercoat and a soft, long veil of hair; this is considered a distinctive feature. Both varieties are officially recognized. They occur regularly for reasons of genetics.

What is the size of a Chinese Crested Dog?

The height at the withers in males should be between 28 and 33 centimeters bitches between 23 and 30 centimeters. The weight is set to a maximum of 5.5 kilograms.

How old does a Chinese Crested Dog become?

According to a study of the British Kennel Club, the Chinese Crested Dog reaches an average age of 10 years and 1 month.

Character traits and traits of character

What are the characteristics of a Chinese Crested Dog?

The Chinese Crested Dog is a happy dog. Chinese Crested are considered to be merry fellows. Aggression is foreign to them. They are an excellent companion especially for people who do not want to go out in all weather conditions. The Chinese Crested is very affectionate and wants to be close to his master or mistress. He is very suitable for a single person – young or old.

Origin & History

Where does the Chinese Crested Dog originally come from?

The Chinese Crested Dog or Chinese Crested is a small naked dog. He is a companion dog par excellence. Its peculiarity immediately catches the eye. He is largely hairless only here and there show some tufts of hair namely on the head, paws and tail. The just as regularly born hairy specimens are called Powder Puff and are officially recognized. Its name implies that it originated in China. There is no tangible evidence for this other than the name. On the contrary. In a comprehensive genetic analysis in 2017 of more than 100 dog breeds with more than 13,000 dogs by a team of geneticists led by Heidi Parker, the Chinese Crested is placed right next to the Chihuahau and given a descent from Central America suggested. There is a very old tradition of breeding naked dogs in South and Central America. Also the Chinese Crested is a very old dog breed as it is documented in numerous historical documents. In his two-volume work “Dogs of all Nations” the Belgian Comte de Bylandt describes the Chinese Crested Dog already in 1895 pretty much exactly as we know it today. However, opinions differ on the breeding of hairless dogs. Some point to the ancient tradition and the cheerful nature of these little companions. Others point to the comparatively short life expectancy of only 10 years – for dogs of his size it should be 14 or 15 years – and the physical defects that come with the naked genes. In fact, the hairlessness is produced by a defect gene, which can also bring other defects such as extensive toothlessness. Specimens carrying the defect gene on both gene pairs are even non-viable. For this reason, the “Qualzuchtgutachten”, commissioned by the German government in 1999, recommends a breeding ban for hairless dogs. The report also points out that hairless dogs are particularly sensitive to the sensitive to weather conditions, sunburn, injuries or allergies. should be. Nonetheless, Chinese Crested are lively, friendly companions that can please both masters and mistresses. This ancient dog breed was introduced into modern pedigree breeding by Great Britain and recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1972. The patronage was given to China. It is also officially designated as the country of origin. In Germany the Chinese Crested is looked after by the Club für Exotische Rassehunde as well as the Chinese Crested Club. In recent years, he enjoys a strongly increasing popularity. The number of puppies registered in the VDH has more than doubled within 10 years and is now more than 200 per year.

Popular mixes

Mixes of Chinese Crested with other dog breeds or mixed breeds are rare.

Care, health and diseases

How much care does a Chinese Crested Dog need?

The Chinese Crested Dog needs regular Skin care.

Are there any breed-specific diseases in the Chinese Crested Dog?

The “Qualzuchtgutachten” of 1999, which was commissioned by the German government, recommends a breeding ban for hairless dogsbecause the defect gene for hairlessness can be connected with other defects. Hairless dogs are particularly sensitive to weather conditions. Otherwise, other hereditary diseases are documented such as a special eye disease, but can be detected by genetic testing and can be controlled in serious breeding.

Which food is best for a Chinese Crested Dog?

A Chinese Crested Dog has no special demands to its diet. However, he needs a bit more food for heat production, as he burns the food faster. Of course, high quality food is good for his health and he tastes it too.

Considerations before purchase

Where can you buy a Chinese Crested dog?

If you want to share your life with a Chinese Crested Dog, you should look for a breeder long before you buy and make contacts here. The breeder should be affiliated with the VDH and have tested his dogs for the special risks regarding hereditary diseases. In addition, there should be no inbreeding, which you can estimate from the pedigree, if no name appears twice there. The breeder should have well documented his litter by photos. You should be able to look at the litter together with the mother dog, after arrangement, on site.

Education and attitude

Is a Chinese Crested Dog suitable for me?

A Chinese Crested Dog adapts easily to the lifestyle of its people. He can be kept well in the city and can easily find his way in a small apartment. He is ideal as a companion of a single person whether young or old. He is trusting to children, but they must respect him because of his size and always pay some attention. He can be led very well also by an inexperienced young or older hand. He is an ideal companion for today and also in the big city.. With a little good training and guidance, he can be taken everywhere well and impresses with his good behavior. Due to his small size he is also very practical and can be taken everywhere. However, one must consider the restrictions due to his hairlessness. Too much cold, strong sunlight, heavy rain are not the climate that suits his physical constitution. Chinese Crested are considered clean, odorless, vermin-free. A real advantage in keeping is that the apartment, clothing and car remain largely free of dog hair. Chinese Crested are therefore considered allergy-friendly. However, this has not yet been scientifically proven. In addition, allergies are usually not triggered by the large, visible hairs. Chinese Crested need skin care now and then, for example with a suitable skin lotion. The Chinese Crested Dog, despite its delicate, cute appearance, must be trained with all seriousness and consistency from puppyhood on. With all his cheerfulness, he still needs rules, in short: guidance by master or mistress. These he accepts with pleasure. But one must always remain consistent. Then he is a good companion, faithful and obedient. He is very sociable, neither fearful nor aggressive in any way. The Chinese Crested Dog is a pleasant, easy to lead companion.

Interesting facts, interesting facts & extras

Although the hairlessness of the Chinese Crested Dog has an old tradition in Central America, it is seen critically for animal welfare reasons, at least for Europe. On the other hand the hairless variety can be an advantage for allergy be advantageous for allergy sufferers. The character of these dogs makes them attractive companions. Christoph Jung Since his childhood, dogs have been among the dog researcher’s best friends. The relationship man – dog is a fascinating subject for him, which occupies him daily and for which he is also publicly engaged. His daily research resulted in the book “Animal Best Friends”. Jung lives with his family and his dogs near Halle. Help us to further improve our service. Was this article helpful for you? China Dog Pitbull.

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