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Tools that promise to bypass Windows activation should be used with caution. However, you can test Windows 10 for free. Windows 10 has developed quite a bit since its market launch in fall 2015. Nevertheless, Microsoft has not been able to convince all users to switch to the current system. If you are still skeptical about whether Windows 10 is an improvement or not, we have good news: You can try out the latest Microsoft operating system for free and completely legally! In fact, you have more than one option to choose from. Compared to Windows 7 times, Microsoft has become much more flexible when it comes to testing new software. You can officially try out Windows 10 as a finished virtual machine, as an extended Enterprise Edition or even as a “real” installation without a product key. We will show you how it works.

  • Install Windows 10 as a virtual machine for free
  • Try Windows 10 Enterprise for free
  • Install Windows 10 without a product key

Install Windows 10 as a virtual machine for free

One of the easiest ways to try out a new operating system is to use a virtual machine. In this case, the system runs in a program window on another computer, so to speak, which acts as a “host”. What sounds complicated is quite easy to implement in practice – especially when the associated files are available free of charge. This is exactly what Microsoft makes possible with Windows 10: The Windows makers make the current system available for download free of charge as a finished virtual machine. The corresponding images are available for various virtualization solutions, for example VMWare, Parallels and the completely free VirtualBox for private users. This way, you can even try out Windows 10 on another operating system, such as Linux. Simply visit the following website: Here you select “Virtual Machine” select the entry “MSEdge on Win10” and then at “Select platform“your virtualization solution. Then click on “Download ZIP” to start the download, which is around 4.3 gigabytes in size. By the way, the virtual machines always contain the latest edition of Windows 10, so you do not have to manually install the major updates. Microsoft offers Windows 10 as a virtual machine for free download. After the download unpack the ZIP file. Afterwards, you still have to import the finished virtual machine into the program of your choice. At VirtualBox for example, click in the Start menu on “File – Import Appliance“. Now navigate to the folder (in this case with an “OVA” file) and select it. Once the import is complete, you can start the free Windows 10 VM. This will run for 90 days without any restrictions. After that, you can simply download a new VM from the linked page and repeat the import. Via “Settings – Language & Input“you can change the Windows system language from English to German. Thanks to Microsoft’s free VMs, you can also test Windows 10 on other operating systems like macOS.

Try Windows 10 Enterprise for free

Testing Windows 10 in a virtual environment gives a good impression of the system. However, virtual machines generally work slower than “real” installations, even on faster hardware. Microsoft provides an alternative with the Evaluation Edition of Windows 10 Enterprise. Although this is aimed at companies, it can also be easily downloaded and tried out by private users. To do so, visit this link and fill out the form under “Start the evaluation“. You can then download an download an ISO file of Windows 10 Enterprise and burn it to a bootable USB stick or DVD, for example. This will allow you to install the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 on a desktop PC or laptop and test it in a real environment for 90 days without any restrictions. Despite the enterprise-centric nature of the Enterprise edition, Windows 10 works virtually the same here as the Home or Pro edition. So you get a good impression of the performance of Windows 10 and can decide in peace whether you want to switch to the new system or not. Microsoft offers the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 for a free 90-day download trial One major drawback to this method: After the 90-day trial period, you won’t be able to continue using the Windows installation. Windows 10 Enterprise will then shut down automatically after one hour. In other words, if you decide to switch to Windows 10, you will have to start from scratch with a Home or Pro installation. This method is therefore particularly suitable if you can install Windows 10 via dual-boot or have a test PC available. If this is not the case, the VM deployment described above is more recommended.

Installing Windows 10 without a product key

You can also install Windows 10 temporarily without entering a product key and thus bypass activation for a maximum of 30 days. However, this is only legal if you already have a suitable license. To do this, simply click on the link “I do not have a product key“. You can then continue setting up Windows 10 as normal and use the system on your computer. Unlike its predecessors, Windows 10 allows installation without entering a product key. A Windows installation on real hardware performed in this way is fully functional and can be used permanently – unlike the enterprise solution above. After a period of 30 days Windows 10 requires the entry of a valid product key to activate the system at Microsoft. Even before that, various features are disabled, such as customizing the taskbar or the Windows theme. Otherwise, Windows behaves normally and also gets the important security updates. To make up for entering the installation key, open the Settings of Windows 10 and navigate to the section “Update and security – Activation“. Here you click on “Change Product Key” and enter the key that activates your edition of Windows 10. To use Windows 10 legally on a permanent basis, you cannot avoid activation via product key.

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