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In order to recognize or assess the dangers of a chainsaw, instruction is necessary. In addition, requirements for safety clothing must be observed. If there are any uncertainties, we recommend on-site pickup. Same equipment as the MS 171, but with more power. Very good for cutting firewood. 35 cm version also for felling smaller trees. Metal claw stop for easy and exact guiding of the saw in the cut. Starting comfort thanks to ErgoStart (E). Easy chain change thanks to practical quick chain tensioner (B).


The automatic choke-stop switch jumps back to the start position after switching off to make starting easier for you.
the side chain tensioner allows an uncomplicated and easy retensioning of the saw chain
the tool-less chain tensioner allows quick and easy installation of bar and chain without tools
the automatic oil pump ensures reliable chain lubrication
less blood circulation problems in hands in arms due to effective anti-vibration system
Separation of the air flows for fresh gas and exhaust gas in the engine cylinder achieves high performance while keeping fuel consumption low
With the STIHL compensator, special carburetor technology ensures that the engine’s performance data remain virtually unchanged despite increasing contamination of the air filter. This extends the maintenance interval.


Technical data

Engine & Equipment
Engine power 1.5 kW / 2.0 hp
Engine type 2-stroke gasoline engine
Displacement 31,8 cm³
Fuel pump yes, position insensitive diaphragm carburetor with integrated fuel pump
Power-to-weight ratio 2.9 kg/kW
Air purification system STIHL compensator
Engine start STIHL Ergostart
Fuel type 2-stroke mixture
Fuel tank 0.27 liters
combined choke-stop switch yes
chain speed 24,8 m/sec.
Idle speed 2800 rpm
Speed at max. power 8500 rpm
Engine technology STIHL 2-Mix engine
Exhaust emission CO2 1039 g/kWh
Cutting set
Blade length 30 cm
Chain pitch 3/8″ P inch
recommended bar length min. – max. 30 – 40 cm
Brand bar STIHL
Brand chain STIHL
Chain oil tank 0.265 liters
Antivibration system yes
adjustable oil pump no, speed-dependent fully automatic
chain lubrication automatic
lateral chain tensioning device yes
toolless chain tensioning yes
fuel level indicator yes, viewing window
transparent oil tank yes, viewing window
Scope of delivery
instruction manual device 1
Tool 1 combination wrench
Number of chains 1
Sword guard 1 plastic sword guard
Number of swords 1
Environment and others
Sound pressure level at the operator’s ear 100 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level (LWA) 112 dB(A)
Weight with cutting set 5,1 kg
Vibration value handle front 3,5 m/s²
Weight without cutting set 4,6 kg
Warranty 2 years for exclusively private use, 1 year for commercial and/or professional use, warranty extension of additional 12 months if registered on www,preg,stihl,com until 60 days after purchase,
Vibration value rear handle 3.0 m/s²
Article no. 11392000160
EAN 0795711875480


STIHL ErgoStart (FT) EFFORT-SAVING STARTING. Thanks to the STIHL ErgoStart, you save power when starting your power tools. A smooth and steady pull on the starter rope is all that is needed. The speed required at the starting rope is significantly reduced, the engine starts…
STIHL ERGOSTART ENERGY-SAVING STARTING. Thanks to the STIHL ErgoStart, you save power when starting your power tools. A smooth and even pull on the starter cord is all that is needed. The speed required at the starter rope is significantly reduced, the engine starts…
STIHL QUICK CHAIN TENSIONING TOOLLESS SAW CHAIN. Thanks to the STIHL quick chain tensioner, you can retension your saw chain quickly and without tools using the adjustment wheel. Turning the adjustment wheel to the left slackens the saw chain, turning the adjustment wheel to the righ…
STIHL ErgoStart (E) A spiral spring between the starting rope pulley and crankshaft compensates for force peaks so that they can hardly be felt on the rope. The result: Compared to conventional starting devices, the STIHL ErgoStart reduces the amount of force required by half – and permits a starting speed that is about two-thirds slower. (Fig. similar)
STIHL quick chain tensioning (B) The STIHL quick chain tensioning system (B) makes tensioning the saw chain very easy. After loosening the screw connection on the chain wheel cover, the saw chain can be tensioned quickly and easily using the adjusting wheel above it. No tools are required for this. (Fig. similar)
STIHL 2-MIX engine The two-stroke engine with STIHL 2-MIX technology saves up to 20% fuel and reduces exhaust gases by up to 70% compared to STIHL two-stroke engines of the same performance without 2-MIX technology.
MANUAL FUEL PUMP PROVIDES LESS STARTING HUMIDITY. The manual fuel pump reduces the number of starting strokes and thus speeds up the starting process. This is especially helpful after longer breaks in operation. To do this, operate the pump several times before starting. This ensures that there is enough fuel in the carburetor when starting.
Manual fuel pump (purger) The manual fuel pump allows fuel to be pumped into the carburetor at the touch of a thumb. This reduces the number of start-up pulls after a longer break in operation of the machine. (Fig. similar)
Toolless fuel cap FAST AND EASY TO USE. Thanks to the tool-free fuel filler cap, you can open and close the oil and fuel tanks in just a few simple steps thanks to the bayonet lock.
Toolless fuel caps Patented special caps for fuel and oil tanks. The tanks of power tools equipped with them can be opened and closed quickly, without effort and without tools. (Fig. similar)
LONG-LIFE AIR FILTER SYSTEM FOR POWER SAWS LONGER FILTER LIFE. Pre-separation removes coarse, larger particles from the air stream before they can reach the actual filter. The HD2 filter keeps even fine dust away from the engine, ensuring …
Long term air filter system for chainsaw LONGER FILTER DURATION. Pre-separation removes coarse, larger particles from the air stream before they can reach the actual filter. The HD2 filter keeps even fine dust away from the engine, ensuring …
Long-life air filter system with pre-separation The innovative long-life air filter system ensures a significantly longer filter service life. This is because it removes coarse dirt particles by pre-separation, thus relieving the actual filter. You can operate your saw twice as long as its predecessors without having to clean the filter. (Fig. similar)
STIHL anti-vibration system Strong vibrations at the handle points of power tools can lead to circulatory problems in the hands and arms in the long term. STIHL has therefore developed a high-quality anti-vibration system. On power tools with the AV system, the vibrations generated by the engine and the working tool are significantly reduced at the handle points. (Fig. similar)
Single-lever operation The machine’s functions, such as cold and hot start, operation and stop, are controlled by a single lever. This makes operation particularly comfortable and safe because the right hand can always remain on the handle. (Fig. similar)
Compensator The STIHL compensator, a regulating unit in the carburetor, ensures that the mixture does not become too rich if the air filter is dirty. The performance thus remains constant over a longer period of time. The filter does not have to be cleaned until 80% of its surface is clogged. This means that even very long working periods are possible without interruption. (Fig. similar)
STIHL Ematic system REDUCES OIL CONSUMPTION. The STIHL Ematic system consists of the STIHL Ematic or Ematic S guide bar, STIHL Oilomatic saw chain and volume-regulated oil pump. It ensures that the chain oil reaches where it is needed for lubrication….
Ematic system The STIHL Ematic system consists of a STIHL Ematic or Ematic S guide bar, STIHL Oilomatic saw chain and an oil pump with adjustable or reduced delivery. The special design of bar and chain ensures that every drop of chain oil reaches where it is needed for lubrication. Oil consumption can thus be reduced by up to 50%.
STIHL four-channel technology Four overflow channels swirl the fuel-air mixture before ignition. This ensures optimum combustion of the fuel and significantly increases the efficiency of the engine. The result: lower consumption and high torque over a wide speed range. (Image similar)

  • 8480014


  • Chainsaw STIHL MS 181 C-BE
  • Power: 1,5 kW
  • weight: 4,6 kg
  • with quick chain tensioning
  • ErgoStart included

To the product description

Petrol chainsaw STIHL MS 181 C-BE

RRP of the manufacturer469,00 € (You save 8.74 %, that is 41,00 €) from 428,00 €* RRP of the manufacturer469,00 € (you save 8.74 %, 41,00 €) plus additional service item no.: 8480014

Rail length:

30 cm+ 1,00 € 35 cm

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About the product

Comfort model STIHL MS 181 C-BE

The chainsaw MS 181 C-BE from STIHL is designed as a powerful entry-level model. It is similar to the model MS 171 model, but has 0.2 kW more power at 1.5 kW. The MS 181 C-BE comfort model is also equipped with a quick chain tensioner (B) and the practical ErgoStart system (E) equipped. The scope of delivery includes the 3/8″ Picco Micro Mini 3 comfort saw chain, which is not only robust but also glides through the wood with low vibration and recoil. STIHL Oilomatic Saw chain type: Picco Micro Mini 3 (PMM3) Saw chain pitch: 3/8″ P Guide bar: Rollomatic E Mini Sound pressure level: 100 dB(A) Sound power level: 112 dB(A) Vibration value left/right: 3.5/3 m/s² Power-to-weight ratio: 3.1 kg/kW Compare with similar products You will find suitable accessories here You might also like This    

Efficient gasoline chainsaw

Looking for a chainsaw to clear your garden of thick branches and brushwood or to process your firewood? Then the MS 181 C-BE chainsaw from the renowned manufacturer Stihl is a great choice. The chainsaw is characterized by a… Open price history Set price alert Our price history is automatically generated from the offers at In exceptions, it can therefore come to incorrect representations, if the product was assigned to an incorrect offer. All data without guarantee. Set price alert Current savings Percentage savings compared to the average price. It is based on the ratio between the cheapest offer price and the average price of a product (in each case at on the current day. For the average price, the sum of the daily available offer prices for the product at is divided by their number. compared to our average price 0% Our average price The average price reflects the average of the offer prices available for this product at today. 428, Rank: 31.689 | No. 28 in category: Gasoline Chainsaws | price range: 428,00 € – 428,00 €

Product description

Efficient gasoline chainsaw You are looking for a chainsaw to clean your garden from thick branches and brush or to process your firewood? Then the MS 181 C-BE chainsaw from the renowned manufacturer Stihl is a good choice. The chainsaw is characterized by a Quick chain tensioning which allows you to effortless clamping the chain. For this purpose, the saw is equipped with ErgoStart which allows you to start it with little effort. In addition, the chainsaw impresses with its convenient operationfunctions such as cold and hot start, operation and stop with just one lever. one lever with just one lever.

Product features
Series Stihl MS
Item weight 4,60 kg
Power 2 HP
Power 1471 watts
Displacement 32 cc
Length of the sword 30 cm

In conclusion, thanks to the 2-MIX engine very economical. The four-channel technology ensures efficient efficient combustion of the fuelwhich greatly increases the efficiency of the engine. So if your desire is an efficient chainsaw that makes your work ernorm facilitated and thanks to the anti-vibration system prevents fatigue? Then the Stihl MS 181 C-BE is the ideal choice.

Scope of delivery

  • Stihl MS 181 C-BE chainsaw
  • Stihl 35 cm/ 14″ saw bar
  • Stihl Oilmatic 35 cm/ 14″ and 1.3 mm drive link thickness
  • Stihl chain guard
  • Stihl combination wrench

Brand information

Product features

Displacement The displacement indicates the volume that the individual cylinders have together. The specification usually refers to the engine displacement within which several cylinders exist. 32 cc Product type Gasoline chainsaw Sound power level max. The sound power level is the volume that a device permanently emits to its environment. It is expressed in decibels. 109 dB NEW! Store with the price alert at the price you want. Stihl Ms181C Price.

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