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Vinfast first recall for the new e-brand

Vinfast is represented at the Paris Motor Show with no less than four e-models. After four years of development, the Vietnamese now want to conquer Europe with their e-models. At the same time, they have to start a recall at home. Vinfast currently has four models on display in Paris. At home, the automaker is facing a recall. (Image: Vinfast) Vinfast’s launch for the European market at the Paris Motor Show is overshadowed by a recall by the Vietnamese manufacturer. According to the information, 730 electric cars of the VF E34 model have to be recalled. That doesn’t sound like much, but it represents one-third of the automaker’s 2,208 electric vehicles sold to date. It was first reported by the Reuters news agency. Vinfast: With two SUVs into the German business Image gallery with 21 images The current recall is due to a side impact sensor of the airbag system. There is probably an incompatibility error with the airbag controller, the manufacturer says. This could cause an incorrect signal to be transmitted to the controller. The sensors are now to be replaced. No damage has yet been caused by the fault. The affected vehicles have so far only been delivered in Vietnam. The European market launch in the form of deliveries is still pending. However, the reservation phase for the VF 8 and VF 9 models, which will initially be available here, began at the start of the year. A few weeks ago, the first 100 units of VF 8 were delivered to first-time buyers (“Vin-First”) in Vietnam. The company plans to hand over about 5,000 units of the model to customers internationally “probably before the end of this year.” In Europe, Vinfast is currently using the Paris Motor Show to present itself to customers. The company first made its appearance there four years ago, among other things with soccer player David Beckham as brand ambassador. Four models are on display in the French capital: VF 6, VF 7, VF 8 and VF 9. With them, the manufacturer covers the B to E segments. It is now possible to prove that “Vietnam is not only capable of manufacturing cars, but also making a great leap towards the electrified revolution,” said Vinfast’s chief executive Le Thi Thu Thuy. The company said it has now registered about 65,000 reservations worldwide. By 2026, Vinfast is expected to be able to sell 750,000 electric vehicles per year. To that end, the automaker recently extended its partnership with Infineon. It said it would set up a joint center of excellence for electromobility to accelerate the future of smart mobility. The center is scheduled to be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2023. (ID:48667221)

This is what you need to do when a car is recalled

  – Time and time again, cars are called into the repair shop. You must participate in official recalls. Because this is often a matter of road safety. All info! Another record year: With 546 recalls, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) reported a new record for 2018. Mercedes alone called customers to the workshop 38 times for unscheduled defect rectification. Nine years earlier, the KBA registered only 193 actions. Since then, the number has more than doubled. “You don’t have to be a prophet to predict further recall records due to increasingly complex vehicle technology,” says Niko Ganzer from the blog The expert continues, “It’s certainly no coincidence that the KBA added the assistance systems assembly to its categorization in 2018.” Why car owners are so often written to by manufacturers and how such a recall proceeds, we explain here.

How does a recall differ from a service campaign?

  The KBA in Flensburg orders all official, safety-relevant vehicle recalls. Basically, a distinction is made between a recall and a service action. If a defect in the car may pose a danger, an official recall is initiated. This is based on the Product Safety Act (ProdSG). The KBA monitors compliance. Vehicle owners are written to and asked to visit an authorized workshop. In a service campaign, also known as a silent recall, workshops rectify defects as part of a scheduled workshop visit, for example during an inspection. The vehicle owner often does not find out that new software has been installed, for example.

Who covers the costs of the workshop visit?

If the car has to go to the workshop for an unscheduled recall, the manufacturer will only pay for the repair during the warranty period. After that, the driver has to rely on the manufacturer’s goodwill. As a rule, however, carmakers pay the costs without much fuss in order to avert damage to their brand’s image. Drivers do not have a basic right to a replacement car during the repair.

Was my used car affected by a recall?

If you have bought a used car and would like to know whether it has been subject to a recall, you can find the details on the Internet, for example at, or on the website of the Federal Motor Transport Authority ( as well as and Depending on the manufacturer, there are different methods of marking the successfully completed repair on the vehicle. This can be, for example, a colored sticker on the chassis number or an entry in the service booklet.

Can the workshop tell if there has been a service action?

Authorized workshops usually have access to an internal vehicle database. This can be used to determine whether there have been any recall or service campaigns for a vehicle model. Mechanics can tell from the chassis number whether the work on the used car was actually done.

Difference between a goodwill repair and warranty?

In the first two years, there is the statutory liability for material defects, usually extended by the car manufacturers to a general vehicle warranty. During this time, the costs of most unscheduled workshop visits are covered. Once the warranty has expired, the car manufacturer no longer has to pay for defects. If the manufacturer nevertheless voluntarily pays, this is known as goodwill. This also applies to the assumption of costs in the event of a recall.

What if I don’t participate in the recall?

That depends on the hazard potential of the defective component. If the defect is serious, the motorist will be repeatedly requested in writing to drive to the authorized workshop to have it repaired. If the vehicle owner ignores the letters, the Federal Motor Transport Authority has the car taken out of circulation via the local registration authority. Conclusion Functioning quality management is good. But 1.5 recalls per day is too many. Car manufacturers cannot be allowed to abuse us as test drivers. Mapp And Lucia Youtube.

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