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hey, should i train biceps and triceps on the same day or 2 different days? Thanks

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Marked as helpful by the questioner You can definitely train opponents (antagonists) like biceps and triceps of the arm on the same day. But you should not train them immediately one after the other if you want an effective load stimulus. This is due to a nerve circuit (“antagonistic forward inhibition”) that exerts an inhibitory influence on the associated anagonist during an action of the agonist. This influence can last for many minutes until it has subsided. So, if after a set of biceps curls you would immediately start a triceps exercise (such as french press), the triceps would not be able to be used to the maximum because to a certain percentage it is still in a kind of “anesthesia”. So: train biceps and triceps on the same day, but take a break of several minutes in between, which you can fill with exercises for other muscles. Do as you like or think best. Since you say on the same or 2 different ones…. I’m guessing you’ve considered taking a 2 split or splitting your workout even more. I don’t train it on the same day. You’ll notice you’ll find almost the same suggestions everywhere…. Namely : 1 day) chest, triceps, shoulder, abs and 2 day) legs, biceps, back. This is because in most exercises where the triceps are trained (e.g. bench press), the chest is also trained, etc… the same with the back and biceps. You can also do both in one day. Only if you want to train the next day or 2 days later back or chest, and you have in the biceps / triceps still muscle soreness or notice the muscle has not recovered, that’s really sh*t ;D are basically two different muscles so you can also train the same day, I for me traineire them also on the same day 😉

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train biceps & triceps in one day ? is that bad ?? mfg

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Marked as helpful by the questioner Hi. No, it’s not bad at all! The two muscle groups are antagonists, so when you tighten the biceps, the triceps automatically relax. There are even extra training plans that aim to train such muscle groups together. lg Ulli ( Train biceps and triceps every 2nd day, in my opinion this prevents imbalances in both muscles. I have no problems with this and muscle growth is not affected in my opinion. Maybe try it yourself for a few weeks and see how you get on with it : ) How I know this:own experience In dance, swimming, and martial arts, it’s intentional to work as many muscles as possible at once. So what’s wrong with training biceps and triceps at the same time.

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