How To Get A Shiny In Pokemon Go


Shiny Pokémon

So-called “Shiny Pokémon” differ from other Pokémon in that when they appear in battle, they begin to sparkle or have a different color than normal Pokémon of that species. The Shiny form of a Pokémon species always has the same color in the same edition. Rumor has it that Shiny Pokémon are stronger than their counterparts, but this is only partially true. A Pokémon is a Shiny if there is a certain constellation in the Pokémon’s stats.

  • In Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow, Shinies cannot be recognized at all, since this status did not exist there yet.
  • In Gold, Silver and Crystal – in addition to the changed appearance – 3 small stars can be seen at the gender symbol.
  • In Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, Fire Red/Leaf Green and Emerald, when you click on Pokémon Status, the ID number is written in golden letters.

How do you get Shiny Pokémon?

The most common method is catching them in the wild, as it doesn’t require any expertise. The disadvantage with this method is the long duration: often well over 100 hours are required, plus it’s a pure matter of luck. In addition, it is by no means certain that you will catch this Pokémon at all when you get to see it, and most of the time you will have to settle for a Karpador, a Wiesor or some other unpopular Pokémon. You can find them everywhere – even in the red, blue and yellow editions. There, however, the Shiny status is not shown. It only becomes visible when you swap it into the gold, silver or crystal edition. The only exception is the red Garados, which always appears at the Lake of Wrath. In G/S/K, the Shiny status is dependent on the DVs. DVs are something like the genes of the Pokémon, they influence the status values. To be a Shiny, the DVs of Defense, Special, and Initiative must be exactly 10. The attack value must be 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, or 15. The chance of finding a Shiny Pokémon in the wild is therefore 1:(16*16*16*2) = 8:65536 = 1:8192. In Ruby/Sapphire, Shiny status is no longer tied to DVs. However, the chance should still be 1:8192. Some claim that it has increased, but there is no evidence for that.

Breeding Shiny Pokémon

All the rules of normal breeding apply here as well. Therefore, we recommend the “Pokémon Eggs” guide if you are still unclear about breeding Pokémon. With this method, there is a 1 in 64 chance that the Pokémon that hatches will also be a Shiny. To breed a Shiny Pokémon, you must use either a Shiny Pokémon as its mother or a Shiny Ditto. The Shiny Ditto is more recommended, because these occur more often than other Pokémon in a Shiny form. If you pension two Shinies together in G/S/K, there will be no egg. In Ruby/Sapphire, on the other hand, it is generally not possible to breed Shinies. The chance of a Shiny hatching from an egg is just as high as finding one in the wild.

Shiny Dittos

For a Ditto to be a Shiny, the so-called DV (Deter Value) values of VERT (Defense Value) and SPEZ (Special Values) must be 10 and 10, and 10 and 2, respectively. The DV value affects the Pokémon’s status values. For Pokémon with a high level, this can be determined quite clearly. Below are a few status values that correspond to the DV values you are looking for. In fact, the DV value is not visible. The levels of the Dittos correspond to how you can catch them in the red, blue and yellow editions in the Secret Dungeon. Once you have caught a matching one, then exchange it for the edition in which you need it. There is also a cheat on how to get a Shiny Ditto that always works. You can find it at our Tips, Tricks & Cheats.


The following stats of a Pokémon you just caught will give you the Shiny status:

53 66 66 or 58
55 68 68 or 60
60 74 74 or 65
63 78 78 or 68
65 80 80 or 70
67 82 82 or 72
69 85 85 or 74

Do Pokémon lose their Shiny status when swapped into older editions?

No, because this depends solely on the DV values. Even when using carbon, iron, calcium, etc., the Shiny status remains, here only the status values change. If you play Pokémon Go, then you may know how rare it is to come across a legendary shiny Pokémon. Catching a legendary Pokémon is already a challenge, but finding the shiny version is pure luck. However, if you are smart, you can catch legendary and mythical Pokémon. In this post, we’ll show you some shiny Legendaries and give you some pro tips to catch them. Let’s get started!

  • Part 1: Overview of all shiny Legendaries in Pokémon Go.
  • Part 2: How do you get a legendary shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?
  • Part 3: More tips to get legendary shiny Pokémon

Part 1: Overview of all shiny Legendaries in Pokémon Go.

In a nutshell, a legendary Pokémon is a rare Pokémon that usually only appears in myths and legends. They are extremely powerful, but not all legendary and mythical Pokémon are currently available in Pokémon. Some can even be found in the shiny form, which means that they differ a little in appearance and color from the standard Pokémon. These are not only strong and extremely pretty, but also have a high trade value (due to rarity). Currently, you can find the following legendary shiny Pokémon in game, but this can change every now and then due to updates and substitutions.

  • Arktos
  • Zapdos
  • Lavados
  • Mew
  • Mewtu
  • Raikou
  • Lugia
  • Suicune
  • Entei
  • Ho-Oh
  • Latias
  • Latios
  • Giratina
  • Groudon
  • Kyogre
  • Rayquaza

What are the specifics of encountering a legendary shiny Pokémon?

The specifics of encountering a legendary shiny Pokémon differ in different cases. For example, if you meet a Kyogre, then there is a 1 in 32 chance that it is shiny. If we are talking about Groudon, then it is estimated that there is a 1 in 20 chance of shiny here. The general chance of encountering a legendary shiny Pokémon is only 1 in 450, making them extremely rare.

Part 2: How do you get a legendary shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

We want to be honest, getting a legendary shiny Pokémon is not easy and requires some work. Nevertheless, we have some smart tips which you can apply to catch legendary and mythical Pokémon. Step 1: Know the locations First of all, you need to know where legendary and mythical Pokémon can be found. besides trading and special research, they can be found in the wild or when successfully completing raids. Since the chance of encountering legendary Shinys is quite low, you can use any Pokémon Radar. Reliable Pokémon maps like The Silph Road, Pogo Map, Pokenet, etc. will show you the spawn location of legendary Shinys in Pokémon Go. Here you can also learn the locations of legendary raids so that you can do them later. Step 2: Fake your mobile GPS to the raid or spawn location. If the spawn or raid location is nearby, you can simply visit it to catch legendary shiny Pokémon. Otherwise, just use a location faker to change the GPS on your device. Android users can easily find many different apps in the Google Play Store without having to root your device for it. iPhone users can use Dr.Fone – Virtual Location (iOS) for this, which is a user-friendly location faker tool. When using it, you can directly fake any location without having to jailbreak your device. Just enter the exact coordinates or name/address of the location. There is also the option to simulate your movements on a route between different locations by using a GPS joystick to realistically walk in any direction. Step 3: Catch the legendary shiny Pokémon After you find the location of shiny Legendaries and fake your location, you can encounter the legendary shiny Pokémon. If it is a raid you need to defeat it first. Now use Pokéballs and Candy to catch any Legendary and Mythical Pokémon to add to your collection.

Part 3: More tips to get legendary shiny Pokémon.

Besides the above suggestions to catch all shiny Legendaries, you can also try the following tips.

    • Participate in limited research

Sometimes Pokémon Go offers limited researches, which are only available for a few days or hours. Compared to other special quests, these are not difficult and allow you to meet legendary shiny Pokémon.

    • Hatch eggs

While the odds of encountering a shiny Legendary are 1 in 450, the odds of getting them from an egg are better. Ideally, one out of 58 eggs hatched will be a Shiny. For this, you can also use the egg hatcher to get a shiny Legendary Pokémon.

    • Other Pokémon Events

There are also some events that constantly offer legendary shiny Pokémon. For example, when a shiny Pokémon is introduced on Community Day, the odds increase to 1 in 100.

    • Trade Pokémon

If you are good friends with someone and they have a legendary shiny Pokémon, you can also ask for a trade. Please remember that you can only trade one shiny Pokémon at a time with your friends. We hope that with this guide, you will be able to catch all the legendary shiny Pokémon in the game. Since finding shiny Legendaries is quite rare, you can use the tips above to catch them. A Pokémon Map can help you find Legendary shiny Pokémon and then you can visit these locations using the Location Faker Tool. For example, Dr.Fone – virtual location (iOS) is an extremely user-friendly and reliable tool to fake the location of your iOS device to any location you want (and without jailbreak). Eyes on. Shiny Pokémon are hiding everywhere.

Note Since Pokémon GO is constantly introducing new Shinys, we update this article periodically. Last update: July 23, Shiny Zapdos added.

Shiny Pokémon – if you’ve been playing Pokémon GO long enough, you’ll sooner or later come into contact with these special beasts. But what is behind Shinys and which sparkling Pokémon are available in the mobile game so far? Here’s everything you need to know about Shinys.

What are Shiny Pokémon?

A Shiny is a particularly rare variant of a Pokémon. It differs only by a different coloring from its ordinary counterparts, all other stats and abilities remain the same. Shinys originated in the main game series. The editions Pokémon Gold and Silver introduced them for the first time. Since then, collectors have been licking their fingers for the super-rare beasts.

How to recognize Shinys in Pokémon GO

Shiny Pokémon are marked in the box with three dark stars and the background in their detail view sparkles. You can usually recognize Shinys by their untypical coloring. In some cases, however, they are difficult to distinguish from the “normal” variant of a Pokémon. Therefore, also pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • When caught, a twinkling ring of stars appears around the Pokémon for the first few seconds
  • In the Pokémon Box, Shinys are marked with three dark stars in the upper left corner.
  • In the detail view of a Shiny, the background representing the Pokémon type glitters

Where can I find Shiny Pokémon?

Shiny Karpador is brighter than the normal variety. Shinys can be found everywhere: Shinys lurk in the wild, in Raids, Quests, or even hatch from eggs. Community Days also always offer a good opportunity to catch the corresponding Star Pokémon in its Shiny variant. How high is the chance? Quite low. In general, if you want to collect Shinys, you need luck and a lot of patience. The rare beasts spawn without a specific pattern. Is there a trick? Shiny Pokémon can run into you anywhere you come into contact with Pokémon. There is no trick, you just need luck. Can you breed Shinys? Unlike the main game series, Pokémon GO does not yet offer the option to breed Pokémon specifically. The greatest chance of getting a Shiny are certain events like Community Days. Here, the chance of encountering a Shiny increases. Below you can find an infographic with all the Shiny Pokémon that can be caught in Pokémon GO so far.

List of all Shiny Pokémon with locations

In the table below you will find a list of all Shinys and their locations.

Pokémon Location
Shiny Bisasam Wilderness
Shiny-Bisaknosp Evolve Shiny Bisasam
Shiny-Bisaflor Develop Shiny-Bisaknosp
Shiny-Glumanda Wilderness
Shiny-Glutexo Develop Shiny-Glumanda
Develop Shiny-Glurak Develop Shiny-Glutexo
Shiny-Shiggy Wilderness
Shiny-Shillok Develop Shiny Shiggy
Develop Shiny-Turtok Evolve Shiny Shillok
Shiny-Pikachu Wilderness
Shiny-Raichu Evolve Shiny-Pikachu
Shiny-Pussy Wilderness
Shiny-Austos Develop Shiny-Muschas
Shiny-Magmar Develop Shiny-Magby
Shiny-Karpador Wilderness, level 1 raid
Shiny-Garados Develop Shiny Karpador
Shiny-Amonitas Wilderness, Level 1 Raids
Shiny Amoroso Develop Shiny-Amonitas
Shiny Kabuto Wilderness, Level 1 Raids
Shiny-Kabutops Develop Shiny-Kabuto
Shiny-Aerodactyl Level 3 Raids
Shiny-Arktos Legendary Level 5 Raids
Shiny-Zapdos legendary level 5 raids
Shiny-Dratini Wilderness
Shiny-Dragonir Develop Shiny-Dratini
Shiny-Dragoran Develop Shiny-Dragonir
Shiny-Pichu 2km Eggs
Shiny-Togepi 2km-eggs
Shiny-Togetic Develop Shiny-Togepi
Shiny-Voltilamm Wilderness
Shiny-Waaty Develop Shiny-Voltilamm
Develop Shiny-Ampharos Develop Shiny-Waaty
Shiny-Kramurx Wilderness
Shiny-Woingenau Develop Shiny-Isso
Shiny-Magby 2km-Eggs
Shiny-Larvitar Wilderness
Shiny-Pupitar Develop Shiny-Larvitar
Shiny-Despotar Develop Shiny-Pupitar
Shiny-Lugia legendary level 5 raids
Shiny-Ho-Oh legendary level 5 raids
Shiny-Fiffyen Wilderness
Shiny-Magnayen Shiny-Fiffyen evolve
Shiny-Makuhita Wilderness
Shiny-Hariyama Develop Shiny-Makuhita
Shiny-Zobiris Wilderness, Level 2 Raids
Shiny-Flunkifer in tier 2 raid
Shiny-Stollunior Wilderness
Shiny-Stollrak Develop Shiny-Stollunior
Develop Shiny-Stolloss Develop Shiny-Stollrak
Shiny-Meditie Wilderness
Shiny-Meditalis Develop Shiny-Meditie
Shiny-Plusle Wilderness
Shiny-Minun Wilderness
Shiny-Roselia Wilderness
Shiny-Wailmer Wilderness, Level 1 Raids
Shiny-Wailord Develop Shiny-Wailmer
Shiny-Wablu Wilderness
Shiny-Altaria Develop Shiny-Wablu
Shiny-Shuppet Wilderness, 5km egg
Shiny-Banette Develop Shiny Shuppet
Shiny-Twirllight Wilderness
Shiny twinkleclop Develop Shiny Zwirrlicht
Shiny-Absol Level 4 Raid
Shiny-Isso 5km-Eggs
Shiny-Schneppke Wilderness, 5km-egg, in Tier 1-Raid
Shiny-Firnontor Shiny Schneppke develop
Shiny-Liebiskus Wilderness
Shiny-Kyogre Legendary Level 5 Raids

Which Shiny Pokémon have you already grabbed? Shiny Pokémon are iridescent pocket monsters that you can also find in Pokémon GO you can catch them. Shinys are primarily characterized by a different color combination, which distinguishes them from their counterparts. Accordingly, they are very rare and sought after. Although every Pokémon has a Shiny variant, not all of them have been added to Pokémon Go yet. You can find out exactly which ones there are in our guide! Karpador and Garadas were the first Shinys to be introduced in Pokémon GO.

Recognizing Shiny Pokémon – is that possible?

You can recognize shiny Pokémon by their special color, of course. Unfortunately, the pocket monsters only appear in this form in Catch mode.. So there is no way to tell if a monster is a Shiny version on the overworld or in a raid. If you want to catch Shinys, you will have to fight a lot of battles. When you catch a Shiny, the rare Pokémon will be marked with a special icon in the Pokédex. Additionally, the background will shimmer when you look at the Pokémon.

Finding, catching and trading Shinys

Shiny Pokémon are very rare. There is no officially confirmed probability for the appearance of a Shiny, but estimates put the chance at about 1 in 350.. There are some other peculiarities you should know about shiny Pokémon:

  • On Community Days, as well as other events and festivals, the odds of encountering a Shiny Pokémon are usually much higher. If you want to expand your Shiny Pokédex, you should play diligently during these periods.
  • Whether a Pokémon is Shiny is individual to each player and depends on chance.. So, if you find a Shiny, telling a friend about the location won’t help. Another person will not find a Shiny at that location (unless they have the same luck as you).
  • If you evolve a Shiny Pokémon, the evolved form will also be a Shiny Pokémon.
  • Since you can only get some Pokémon by hatching eggs, you can only get Shiny baby Pokémon this way.
  • Of course, the game also knows how rare Shiny Pokémon are. If you want to send a shiny monster, a confirmation prompt appears that you have to confirm. This will ensure that you don’t have any mishaps.
  • It is possible to exchange Shiny Pokémon. However, as with Legendary Pokémon, you will have to use the Special Swap. However, the stardust cost for such an exchange is immensely high.
  • Finally, it should be mentioned that Shiny Pokémon are purely a status symbol of your luck. Unfortunately, they do not have above-average CP or KP values and thus are not stronger than their normal counterparts.

Bet you didn’t know these quirky Pokémon facts yet….

Shiny list with all shiny Pokémon

Not every Pokémon has been given a Shiny form yet. Niantic is gradually expanding the list and adding new shiny monsters to Pokémon GO mostly at events or Community Days. In the following table, we summarize all Shinysthat you can find in Pokémon GO.

No. Pokémon Location/Condition
1 Bisasam Wilderness
2 Bisaknosp Evolution
3 Bisaflor (and Mega Bisaflor) Development
4 Glumanda Wilderness
5 Glutexo Development
6 Glurak (& Mega Glurak) Development
7 Schiggy Wilderness
8 Shillok Development
9 Turtok (& Mega Turok) Development
10 Raupy Wilderness
11 Safcon Development
12 Smettbo Development
13 Hornliu Wilderness
14 Kokuna Development
15 Bibor (u. Mega-Bibor) Wilderness
16 Taubsi Wilderness
17 Tauboga Development
18 Tauboss (& Mega Tauboss) Development
19 Rattfratz Wilderness
19 Alola Ratfratz Wilderness
20 Rattikarl Development
20 Alola Rattikarl Development
21 Habitak Wilderness
22 Ibitak Development
23 Rettan Wilderness
24 Arbok Development
25 Pikachu Development, Wilderness
26 Raichu Development
26 Alola Raichu Raids
27 Sandan Wilderness
27 Alola Sandan Wilderness, Egg
28 Sandamer Development
28 Alola Sandamer Development
29 Nidoran (female) Wilderness
30 Nidorina Evolution
31 Nidoqueen Development
32 Nidoran (male) Wilderness
33 Nidorino Development
34 Nidoking Development
35 Piepi Development
36 Pixi Development
37 Vulpix Wilderness, Egg
37 Alola Vulpix Wilderness, Egg
38 Vulnona Development
38 Alola Vulnona Development
39 Pummeluff Development
40 Knuddeluff Development
41 Zubat Wilderness
42 Golbat Development
43 Myrapla Wilderness
44 Duflor Development
45 Giflor Development
46 Paras Wilderness
47 Parasek Development
48 Bluzuk Wilderness
49 Omot Development
50 Digda Wilderness
50 Alola Digda Wilderness
51 Digdri Development
51 Alola Digdri Development
52 Mauzi Wilderness, Crypto-Shiny
52 Alola-Mauzi Wilderness
53 Snobilikat Evolution. Crypto-Shiny
53 Alola Snobilikat Development
54 Enton Wilderness
55 Entoron Development
56 Menki Wilderness
57 Rasaff Development
58 Fukano Wilderness
59 Arkani Development
60 Quapsule Wilderness
61 Quaputzi Development
62 Quappo Development
63 Abra Wilderness
64 Kadabra Development
65 Simsala Development
66 Machollo Wilderness
67 Mashock Development
68 Machomei Development
69 Knofensa Wilderness
70 Ultrigaria Development
71 Sarzenia Development
72 Tentacha Wilderness
73 Tentoxa Development
74 Little stone Wilderness
74 Alola Small Stone Wilderness
75 Georok Development
75 Alola Georok Development
76 Geowaz Development
76 Alola Geowaz Development
77 Ponita Wilderness, Egg
77 Galar Ponita Raid
78 Gallopa Development
78 Galar-Gallopa Development
79 Flegmon Wilderness
80 Lahmus Development
81 Magnetilo Wilderness
82 Magneton Development
83 Porenta Wilderness, Egg
84 Dodu Wilderness
85 Dodri Development
86 Jurob Wilderness
87 Jugong Development
88 Sleima Wilderness, Egg
88 Alola Sleima Wilderness, Egg
89 Sleimok Development
89 Alola Sleimok Development
90 Pussat Wilderness
91 Austos Development
92 Nebulak Wilderness
93 Alpollo Development
94 Gengar Development
95 Onix Wilderness
96 Traumato Wilderness
97 Hypno Development
98 Krabby Wilderness
99 Kingler Development
100 Voltobal Wilderness, egg
101 Lektrobal Development
102 Owei Wilderness
103 Kokowei Development
103 Alola Kokwei Wilderness, Raids
104 Tragosso Wilderness, Egg
105 Knogga Development
105 Alola Knogga Raids
106 Kicklee Wilderness
107 Nockchan Wilderness
108 Schlurp Wilderness
109 Smogon Wilderness
110 Smogmog Development
111 Rihorn Wilderness
112 Rizeros Development
113 Chaneira Wilderness
114 Tangela Wilderness
115 Kangama Wilderness, egg
116 Seeper Wilderness
117 Seemon Development
118 Goldini Wilderness
119 Golking Development
120 Sterndu Wilderness
121 Starmie Development
122 Pantimos Wilderness
123 Sichlor Wilderness, Egg, Crypto-Shiny
124 Rossana Development
125 Elektek Development
126 Magmar Wilderness, development
127 Pinsir Wilderness, Egg, Crypto-Shiny
128 Tauros Wilderness, Egg
129 Karpador Wilderness, Egg
130 Garados Wilderness, Development
131 Lapras Wilderness
132 Ditto Wilderness
133 Evoli Wilderness, Egg
134 Aquana Development
135 Blitza Development
136 Flamara Development
137 Porygon Wilderness
138 Amonitas Wilderness, Egg
139 Amoroso Development
140 Kabuto Wilderness, egg
141 Kabutops Development
142 Aerodactyl Wilderness, Egg, Raids
143 Relaxo Wilderness
144 Arktos Crypto
145 Zapdos Crypto
146 Lavados Crypto
147 Dratini Wilderness
148 Dragonir Development
149 Dragoran Development
150 Mewtu Crypto, special research
151 Mew Special research
152 Endive Wilderness
153 Lorblatt Development
154 Meganie Development
155 Purple hedgehog Wilderness
156 Igelavar Development
157 Tornupto Development
158 Karnimani Wilderness
159 Tyracroc Development
160 Impergator Development
161 Wiesor Wilderness
162 Meadowior Development
165 Ledyba Wilderness
166 Ledian Development
169 Iksbat Development
170 Lampi Wilderness
171 Lanturn Development
172 Pichu Egg
173 Pii Egg
174 Fluffeluf Egg
175 Togepi Egg
176 Togetic Development
177 Natu Wilderness
178 Xatu Wilderness, Development
179 Voltilamm Wilderness
180 Waaty Development
181 Ampharos Development
182 Blubella Development
183 Marill Development
184 Azumarill Development
185 Mogelbaum Development
186 Quaxo Development
190 Stylus Wilderness
191 Sun core Wilderness
192 Sonnflora Development
193 Yanma Wilderness
194 Felino Wilderness, Egg
195 Morlord Development
196 Psiana Development
197 Nachtara Development
198 Kramurx Wilderness
199 Lashoking Development
200 Traunfugil Wilderness
201 Icognito Wilderness
201 Icognito G Wilderness
201 Icognito L Wilderness
201 Icognito O Wilderness
201 Icognito R Wilderness
201 Icognito T Wilderness
201 Icognito U Wilderness
202 Woingenau Development
204 Tannza Wilderness
205 Forstellka Development
206 Dummisel Wilderness, egg
207 Skorgla Wilderness, Egg
208 Stahlos Development
209 Snubbull Wilderness
210 Granbull Development
211 Baldorfish Wilderness, Egg
212 Scherox Development, Crypto-Shiny
213 Pottrott Wilderness
215 Sniebel Wilderness, Egg, Crypto-Shiny
216 Teddiursa Wilderness
217 Ursaring Development
220 Squeak Wilderness
221 Keifel Development
225 Botogel Wilderness
227 Panzaeron Wilderness, egg
228 Dog pattern Wilderness
229 Dogemon (& Mega Dogemon) Development
230 Seedraking Development
233 Porygon2 Development
234 Damhirplex Wilderness, Crypto-Shiny
235 Coloragle Wilderness
238 Kussilla Egg
239 Elekid Egg
240 Magby Egg
241 Miltank Wilderness
242 Heiteira Development
243 Raikou Crypto
244 Entei Crypto
245 Suicune Crypto
246 Larvitar Wilderness
247 Pupitar Development
248 Despotar Development
249 Lugia Raids
250 Ho-Oh Exchange
251 Celebi Special research
252 Geckarbor Wilderness
253 Reptain Development
254 Gewaldro Development
255 Flemmli Wilderness
256 Young glow Development
257 Lohgock Development
258 Hydropi Wilderness
259 Moorabbel Development
260 Sumpex Development
261 Fiffyen Wilderness
262 Magnayen Development
263 Zigzachs Wilderness
263 Galar Zigzachs Egg
264 Geradak’s Development
264 Galar-Geradaks Development
265 Waumpel Wilderness
266 Shaloko Development
267 Papinella Development
268 Panekon Development
269 Pudox Development
270 Loturzel Wilderness
271 Lombrero Development
272 Kappalores Development
273 Samurzel Wilderness
274 Blanas Development
275 Tengulist Development
276 Schwalbini Wilderness
277 Swallboss Development
278 Wingull Wilderness
279 Pelipper Development
280 Trasla Wilderness
281 Kirlia Development
282 Guardevoir Development
287 Bummelz Wilderness
288 Muntier Development
289 Letarking Development
290 Nincada Wilderness, Egg
291 Ninjask Development
296 Makuhita Wilderness
297 Hariyama Development
298 Azurill Egg
299 Nasgnet Wilderness
300 Eneco Wilderness
301 Enekoro Development
302 Zobiris Wilderness
303 Flunkifer Egg, Raids, Crypto-Shiny
304 Stollunior Wilderness
305 Stollrak Development
306 Stolloss Development
307 Meditie Wilderness
308 Meditalis Development
309 Frizelbliz Wilderness
310 Voltenso Development
311 Plusle Wilderness
312 Minun Wilderness
313 Volbeat Wilderness, Egg
314 Illumise Wilderness, Egg
315 Roselia Wilderness
318 Kanivanha Wilderness, egg
319 Tohaido Development
320 Wailmer Wilderness, Egg
321 Wailord Development
325 Spoink Wilderness
326 Groink Development
327 Pandir Wilderness
328 Knacklion Wilderness
329 Vibrava Development
330 Libelldra Development
333 Wablu Wilderness, Egg
334 Altaria Development
335 Sengo Wilderness, Egg
336 Vipitis Wilderness, egg
337 Luna stone Wilderness, egg
338 Sonnfel Wilderness, egg
339 Schmerbe Wilderness, egg
340 Welsar Development
343 Puppance Wilderness
344 Lepumentas Development
345 Liliep Wilderness, egg
346 Wielie Development
347 Anorith Wilderness, egg
348 Armaldo Development
349 Barschwa Wilderness, egg
350 Milotic Development
351 Formeo Wilderness
351 Formeo rain form Wilderness
353 Shuppet Wilderness
354 Banette Development
355 Twisting light Wilderness
356 Twirlclop Development
359 Absol Wilderness, Egg, Crypto-Shiny
360 Isso Egg
361 Snipe Wilderness
362 Firnontor Development
366 Perlu Wilderness, egg
367 Eelabyss Development
368 Saganabyss Development
370 Liebiskus Wilderness, egg
371 Child worm Wilderness, Crypto-Shiny
372 Draschel Evolution, Crypto-Shiny
373 Brutalanda Development, Crypto-Shiny
374 Tanhel Wilderness, Crypto-Shiny
375 Metang Development, Crypto-Shiny
376 Metagross Development. Crypto-Shiny
377 Regirock Swap
378 Regice Exchange
379 Registeel Exchange
380 Latias Wilderness
381 Latios Wilderness
382 Kyogre Exchange
383 Groudon Exchange
384 Rayquaza Exchange
386 Deoxys Exchange
387 Chelast Wilderness, Egg
388 Chelcarain Development
389 Chelterrar Development
390 Panflam Wilderness, Egg
391 Panpyro Wilderness, Development
392 Panferno Development
393 Plinfa Wilderness
394 Pliprin Development
395 Impoleon Development
401 Zirpurze Wilderness
402 Zirpeise Development
403 Sheinux Egg
404 Luxio Development
405 Luxtra Development
406 Knospi Egg
407 Roserade Development
412 Burmy (plant handling) Wilderness, egg
412 Burmy (sand cloak) Wilderness, egg
412 Burmy (rag cape) Wilderness, egg
413 Burmadame (plant cape) Development
413 Burmadame (Sand Cloak) Development
413 Burmadame (Rag Cloak) Development
414 Moterpel Development
418 Bamelin Wilderness
419 Boyelin Development
424 Ambidiffel Development
425 Driftlon Wilderness
426 Drifzepeli Development
427 Haspiror Wilderness
428 Schlapor Development
429 Traunmagil Development
430 Kramshef Development
431 Charmian Wilderness
432 Shnurgarst Development
436 Bronzel Wilderness
437 Bronzong Development
438 Mobai Egg
439 Pantimimi Egg
440 Wonneira Egg
442 Kryppuk Social research, barter
443 Kaumalat Wilderness, egg
444 Knarksel Development
445 Knakrack Development
447 Riolu Egg
448 Lucario Development
449 Hippopotas Wilderness
450 Hippoterus Development
451 Pionskora Wilderness
452 Piondragi Development
453 Glibunkel Wilderness
454 Toxiquak Development
459 Shnebedeck Wilderness
460 Rexblisar Development
461 Snibunna Development, Crypto-Shiny
462 Magnezone Development
463 Schlurplek Development
464 Rihornior Development
465 Tangoloss Development
466 Elevoltek Development
467 Magbrant Development
468 Togekiss Development
469 Yanmega Development
470 Folipurba Development
471 Glaziola Development
472 Skorgro Development
473 Mamutel Development
474 Porygon-Z Development
475 Galagladi Development
476 Voluminas Development
477 Zwirrfinst Development
478 Frosdedje Development
485 Heatran Swap
487 Giratina (change form) Wilderness
487 Giratina (archetype) Wilderness
488 Cresselia Raids
491 Darkrai Wilderness
495 Serpifeu Wilderness
496 Efoserp Development
497 Serpiroyal Development
504 Nagelotz Wilderness, egg
505 Kukmarda Development
506 Yorkleff Wilderness, egg
507 Terribark Development
508 Bissbark Development
519 Dusselgurr Wilderness
520 Navitaub Development
521 Fasasnob Development
524 Gravel Wilderness, egg
525 Sedimantur Development
526 Brockoloss Development
527 Fleknoil Wilderness
528 Fletiamo Development
532 Praktibalk Egg, Raids
533 Strepoli Development
534 Meistagrif Development
557 Lithomith Wilderness
558 Castellith Development
562 Makabaja Wilderness
563 Akhnatoll Development
568 Unratütox Wilderness
569 Deponitox Development
572 Picochilla Wilderness, egg
573 Chillabell Development
594 Mamolida Wilderness, egg
597 Kastadur Wilderness
598 Tentantel Development
599 Klikk Egg, Raids
600 Kliklak Development
601 Klikdiklak Development
613 Petznief Wilderness
614 Siberio Development
627 Geronimatz Wilderness, egg
628 Washakwil Development
631 Furnifraß Wilderness, egg
632 Fermicula Wilderness
633 Kapuno Wilderness, egg
634 Duodino Development
635 Trikephalo Development
638 Cobalium Raids
639 Terrakium Exchange
640 Viridium Exchange
641 Boreos Wilderness
642 Voltolos Wilderness
645 Demeteros Wilderness
649 Genesect Special research
659 Scoppel Wilderness, Egg
660 Grebbit Development
661 Dartiri Wilderness, egg
662 Dartignis Development
663 Fiaro Development
808 Meltan Wilderness
809 Melmetal Evolution

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